Sunday, October 28, 2007

At This Time Of Year I Do Offend People

Ok, it is time for me to explain something about being the Psychic who clears ghosts out of haunted houses.

Yes I do this, and Yes I know that there have been articles published about me.

And Yes, I do volunteer this service.

Around Halloween, I get overwhelmed by the number of folks who suddenly have a problem. I do understand that in a real haunting situation things can escalate at this time, as the veil is thinnest between the worlds at this time, but honestly, if you have been watching the Screem Channel Horror Marathon, and decide only then that you are haunted....I am not the one to call on a whim.

I really do know the difference between a real haunting or not, just by talking to a person on the phone, or by having a meeting with the person, or reading their answers to my email questions. You must remember I have a real-life team that helps me, and they are my family. Plus, I have a handful of my personal Spirit Guides that tell me how it is as well. I get a remote psychic picture of what is happening to a person or family when I put it "out there" to my guides.

The folks who wish to have me clear out their hauntings, and folks who wish to interview me must know before they hit that email button that:

My Motto: "To know me is to face Truth"

1)You will be questioned by me about your intent and the incident/s

2)I must interrogate you to drag out the information I need about the haunting to be able to assess the situation. For no one volunteers the details I need to understand what is happening to a person or family. I will ask about medication, emotional states of the members of the household, separation and divorce, drug addiction, abuse, run aways,etc. Plus questions of the details of the haunting/s

3)I have been doing this a long time, and I do know the natural things in life that can cause something to seem like a haunting, so if I suggest certain home repairs or to check a certain pipe in the toilet then it comes from years of experience as a psychic investigator, and knowing the difference between a metaphysical incident and a birds nest in the toilet vent. I also have been haunted, and have seen the worst of the worst and scariest real haunting incidents, and they are not mirrors of what you see on TV, so I know the difference from someone who wants to mimic something they see on TV, and what actually happens in a haunting. The difference is like day and night.

4)Every haunting is different. Every worry within a haunting situation is unique, so I make sure I have lots of details so I can help folks the best I can. So I ask reams and reams of questions. I have two goals in mind: A)keep the people at ease and help them understand first B)If after the folks understand exactly what is happening and why the the ghost is there, then if they still choose a clearing I will do my best to clear it. If it is unruly I will have an action plan B and C. Plus a support system in place for folks dealing with this.

5)The teams that come out with me are volunteer. I am not going to waste their time on a garbage call. So I will do a long assessment before I prep a team to come to a cleaning. I don't address requests from minor aged children.

6)If you expect me to come in with a hocus pocus box of tricks......I don't. My method is old fashioned and simple.

7)All those whom I clear a home for will take part in the clearing. I will teach them to do the clearing so they are empowered and uplifted and no longer scared. This is so important. So if you just want to leave it to me to clear the place......I won't be coming.

8)If you have been dabbling in things you should not have been dabbling in, like trying some weird thing you read in a book without apprenticing in the arts, then you may find I am not willing to come and visit your ghost. This is not always the case, but I am not interested in clearing what I don't know. I talk to my Spirit Guides, and if they cannot give me a clear picture of what you are up to there. I won't be coming. If you don't understand why, then you need to start studying "entity", "tulpa", Portals etc. Don't open anything you don't know how to close is my advice. I do come clear those things spoke about above, but I really look at the intent of the person who is working in this area and the situation that occurred very carefully.

9)Don't ask me to do anything on Halloween. I don't do it. I am not a sideshow.

10)If you have a haunting and you are serious about it then my advice is: Details, details, details. I want to know what has been happening for the past three weeks, and the past three months. I will not come out for 5 incidents that have spanned over 20 years. Journal all of the incidents, and I want you to tell me these details.

11)Last thing: I live in Ontario Canada. I am not the guy who owns Virgin records, or the guy who owns Microsoft. I am not some wealthy Debutant who can fly myself all over the world because you might be haunted. I get requests for clearing hauntings from all over the world. So, if you are a wealthy Debutant who is haunted and you want me to fly to your city with my team to clear your home then you can send your private Jet to Buttonville to pick us up.

So ends my venting because of the Halloween influx of Ghosty Apparitions of the mind.


RheLynn said...

Interesting rundown and wow I can see where it would be a chore (but interesting reading) to go through all of that email!

RennyBA said...

This really fascinates me and to make it short; I wish I lived closer to Canada and that our path could cross.

Wishing you a great end to your week:-)

Teena said...

Very interesting post! You must be so cool to chat with!

TorAa said...

Hi, me sorry - not comment for a long time since - me you offend. Am I right?
You slimmer than last time?

Also, admit I do, I had to visit my daughter in SOBE. Yeah, that was whar she told me, my "little girl" - with Master in International Marketing-

have a great rest of the week