Monday, May 05, 2008

Diggnation Teas for my Mother's Day

Alex came home from the city of Peterborough (2hrs away from Newmarket) for a few days. Alex has an apartment there and will stay there all summer and commute to Toronto (1.5 hr greyhound bus ride) to his new job.

Carl was able to get Al an internship in the IT development devision of the large Canadian bank he works for. So this is Alex's life until the end of the summer. Now he will have one of those "I travelled two hours on a bus to get to MY internship" to tell his kids when he is old.

Al stayed with us Wednesday to Saturday just so he got to travel with his Dad for the first few days. When he came, he brought me my Mother's day gift. It is a sampler selection of loose teas hand picked by the guys from
I am sure you DIGG, so I don't have explain that......

Do you like my mug? I got that last year at CafePress. It is a two cupper mug!

Along with tea came this awesome tea pot. It is a two cupper. It also has a removable loose tea filter, and it has a valve on the bottom so you just sit it on the top of the cup and the tea pours through the bottom! No more tea spout spillage!
It also came with a great book on tea.

You can click any of these pics to make them bigger. By doing that you will see the labels on the sampler teas I got. I like the oriental spice one the most. Alex has some other tea selections in larger cans which are the DIGG guys favorites. Out of those I like the mint and chocolate ones best.

Ahhhhhhh! The blessings of Geekdom!

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