Tuesday, May 06, 2008

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A Funny Story About My Mom,

There is a contest this week on buzz online radio. If you submit a story about your Mom you have a chance to win a prize of her being sent flowers for Mother's Day.
The story below is the one I submitted:
I have had a really interesting life. I have been able to accomplish every dream I have ever had.
I know this is because my parents instilled in me to always set new goals.
As examples, my parents have been amazing.
My Dad was a cop and and my Mom was the first woman to become a captain licensed to navitate Toronto harbour.
We spent our holidays in the very far north at a wilderness camping area on lake Missinabi, 55 miles north of Chapleau, Ontario.
To give you an idea how far north that is...it took 2.5 hrs to drive the 55miles on a rugged logging road to get to the end of the road, and that was the end of a 15.5 hr road trip from Toronto, Ontario.
Why would a family travel so far to spend their holidays in the deep woods with no amenities? For the best fishing in Ontario. That's why.
My Mom is an amazing angler. We followed fish like Walleye and Muskee all over North America.
The best place to fish is on the Missinabi River which is a direct route to James Bay.
Every year, we would meet a group of other anglers up there, and it would be a couple of weeks of fresh fish dinners and grand ole times.
Every night we would all congregate together and cook the fish of the day and eat fresh chowder. We all sat around the fire together surrounded by our campers and tents. ....... Tall stories and marshmallows all night.
One night we all sat around the fire whoopin' it up. A few drinks and lots of snack food as we watched the Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky.
Mom was sitting in a lawn chair eating chips as we all laughed and talked.
Stories and conversation going on and on. A few chips fall on the ground under Mom's chair.
When suddenly and calmly my mother gently says, "Whatever, you all do, don't make any sudden moves. Pay attention to me and stay relaxed."
All eyes turn towards Mom.
"If you guys move wrong I am going to get it!"
All of us looked at her, so calm and cool and collected just sitting there eating her chips with a smile on her face. And under her chair.......
was a skunk eating the fallen chips!
Everyone just did as she said and we carried on, making sure no one made any moves toward her. After a very long time, the skunk finished his chips and sauntered away.
Geeze, was my Mom brave.
This is only one of the amazing tales of my life, thanks to my Mom.
Oh, and to answer, "What vessel did my Mom Captain?"
When Dad retired they bought a big boat and opened a Salmon Fishing Charter Business on lake Ontario.
My Mom was the Captain and videographer...always the multitasker!
Stories about those days will have to wait for another day.
Lynn Tucker (also known as witchamy)


Mother of Invention said...

WOW! Your mom sounds so cool! I love that your family went that far to fish. We went and still go to the log cabin fishing and hunting camp across into Quebec from Deep River 2 hrs on logging roads.
Great tribute Lynn.

Hope you are doing well with your pain syndromes etc. My main complaint is both knees have bad tendonitis and I need a cane often to do stairs. I can only swim now and I reALLY MISS WALKING AND BIKING

John said...

Nice. We went hiking with the family when I was young, I remember eating wild strawberries that she found.

Admittedly, at 9000' in altitude, they were tiny strawberries.

Buy good.

John said...

"but good"