Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Off to Environmental Conference on Thursday

I have the pleasure of being one of a sold out crowd to attend Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s presentation on "Our Environmental Destiny".

I have heard part of this talk at IdeaCity and I am so proud to have him available at the University.

He is using old treaties the Americans and French and British made with the Indians (aboriginal peoples of our First Nation) to protect fishing waters, way back at the time of the British/North America Act and before..., to get companies who ruin ground waters running into lakes, rivers and streams to be legally held accountable for the immediate clean up.

After IdeaCityI got really interested in the water issues. You know by my own Mother's Day story that our family has a great appreciation for water and fishing, and being able to eat from our lands and waters. So I have a mini list of things we will be changing here as soon as I can do it.

One of the things is to remove our personal sludge from the sewer system of our town. When we do our next big bathroom renovations we will install a self composting toilet system in our house. I have all the fliers on it, and the best one for us will be one that uses a little bit of water for flushing. We will compost our sludge into rich soil for our gardens.

Our first toilet will be a dry one and it will be the soonest installed.

Anyhow I will talk more about this later!
After tomorrow I will write about the keynote talk on Thurs.

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RennyBA said...

Sounds interesting - I envy you - would have loved to be there and networking you know :-)