Monday, May 05, 2008

Pauline's Awesome Flattened Chicken

Well last night my best friend Pauline told me about this low cal chicken she makes called flattened chicken.
I changed it up just a bit to fit my metabolism diet and tried it tonight for our dinner. I also added a makeshift side-dish of my own unique stir-fried veggies.

Here is how Pauline told me in chat how to do the chicken.
You flatten the chicken breasts by bashing them with the cast iron frying pan.
Then you make a paste of peppers, onion, and Dijon mustard. I added some spinach and celery too.
Spread the paste on the flattened chicken.
Then lay out low fat/low salt ham on the chicken, and a no fat swiss cheese slice on the chicken, then roll it up nice and tight. I changed it up by using a thin slice of roast pork loin to reduce the salt even more.

Once the pieces are ready, then fry them in a Teflon pan with olive oil or pam. There will be crispy bits! Yumm! Then after they are cooked in the pan you want to bread them in bread crumbs. I bread them in crumbs of my high protein soy pita instead.

Place the breaded chicken pieces in a pan sprayed with pam and bake them at 400 degrees F. You can add a bit of low salt chicken stalk to the pan, and cover it and bake about 20 min. You can put veggies in the pan to cook if you want. Take the lid off for a few minutes at the end to brown the pieces.

Instead of putting the veggies in the roasting pan, I stir-fried them and added a bit of the Dijon/pepper sauce for zest.

Viola! Flattened Chicken!
Thanks Pauline! It was fabulous!

Oh..apparently I made a mistake. Pauline says I should have breaded the chicken first then pan fried it. You can season the breading. I seasoned it with thyme, montreal spice, and Mr Dash.

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