Sunday, November 16, 2008

Health Update

Well I don't usually talk in great lengths about my health, but I figure this is easier to do it here for friends and family than-me trying to call everyone and fill them in.

So... everyone who watches this blog knows I have an aquired brain injury from 2005 that has definitely changed my world. But in my opinion it has changed it for the better.
I had to learn to take it easier and to plan better.

Some of our family and friends know that my health has been varied all my married life, because I also have a rare auto-immune disease called Sjogrens. Which is actually why I was susceptible to the brain injury in the first place. I have been in remission from Sjogrens (for the most part) since 2001.

In 1995 I started to show signs of the Sjogrens and in 1996 I was biopsied and diagnosed with it. Sjogrens is a connective tissue disease. It has killed my tear glands and saliva glands and has effected my esophagus and my digestive system. But, except for the tears and saliva issues, I have been doing very well all through the 2000 yrs. In the 90's I was reduced to strict vegetarianism because I lost my ability to produce digestive enzymes for meat protein, dairy, and wheat. By using nutrition to help my body heal, I was able to go back to normal eating after 7 years of regulated eating.

This past year has been really cool for me reguarding diet. I have been on Dr. Poon's high protein, low carb diet and I have lost over 50lbs and I have also reduced my cholesterol to zero and my blood sugar to normal( I became a diabetic in 2003). In the past couple of months Dr. Poon had noticed I began to hold fluid, and there did not seem to be a good reason for it. Well we discovered this week, the reason for that. I am no longer in remission for the digestive issues of Sjogrens. My body is losing its digestive enzyme production again, and it is stressing and holding fluid as an auto-immune response.

So this answers a lot of questions to why this fall I had an increase in my pain levels (which was diagnosed as fibro myalgia) and why I became terribly tired.
In an attempt to progress with my art gallery and needle felting, I had to give up some stuff. Timing is everything for me when it comes to doing what is most important for my world.

I am sure some of my friends have wondered why I am not returning calls as easily, or responding to emails quick enough or why I am not planning stuff with them. It is because I have to plan every moment of my day around my health and wellness.

Currently I am determined to continue teaching needle felting and knitting, and to continue to develop my needle felting kits and business. I am also trying to get out and do stuff, but I really only feel like I can plan more than one outing a month. So I am really choosy about what I pick. (so I am not going to please most folks....oh well). Please don't get me wrong...I am not feeling horrible. I just know that managing the Sjogrens so I can feel more well each day, requires me to be very proactive in my care. So it is just another line of action I have to add to my day. And to do that I have to let some stuff that isn't a priority be put to the side.

So this month I am going out with MaryAnn. That is my planned outing. In December I am going to Carl's work Christmas Dinner. I am also trying to get out to see Pauline before Christmas. I am also planning to cook family Christmas Dinner here. That is all I am planning till after Christmas.
Besides these outings I will be doing knitting and needle felting stuff, prepping for the holidays, and doing stuff at home with the family.
I am also planning to cook family Christmas Dinner here. So if I don't return your calls or emails it is because this stuff has to be set aside for a while.

So I have to go vegetarian again. Then I will add fish to my diet and stay like that for a while. I have to add a regimen of digestive enzymes to my day, and I have to eat huge amounts of fruit and veggies for a while. I also have these weird intestinal cleanses which are gross. These help get the food that is stuck in my intestine because the enzymes never broke them down....out of me.....echhhh!

I will probably bounce back quickly, but I am telling everyone so they don't freak if I am hermit- like for a while.

I won't die or anything, and all of this won't be a sign of some horrible outcome for me in the near future. This is just a management issue. I am the expert on managing this medical issue, so everyone will just have to trust that I am fine, but busy with my health to ensure I will be very very fine in the near future.

If you are waiting for me to help you with something...then you will be waiting a while. I won't forget where I have left-off with all my activities, and I will get back to them when I am better.

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