Sunday, November 23, 2008

My face hurts! My Gut Hurts! My Shoulders Hurt!........I am a train wreck "VIA" laughter. It's Jeremy Hotz's fault! Miserable bugger!

Well it has been a wild weekend.
So much to do, and it took up every minute of the weekend.

Saturday Night Mary Ann and I went to see Jeremy Hotz at the Niagara Falls Comedy Festival.
Jeremy had sent me a code so I could get reserved tickets via his fan page on Facebook.

It was an awesome show!

The whole audience was in tears and doubled-over in pain from laughing so much!
Half of his show was improv stimulated by talking to audience members. The stuff was priceless!

I had also been sent a special invitation to attend a special before and after the show party. Jeremy did an autograph and photo session for over an hour after the show.

Mary Ann and I have known each other since kindergarden. We were best highschool gf.
We would go out every week together to buy our 45's from the Chum top 10 List.
We saved our pop tops for prizes, and collected posters from Kiss and The Bay City Rollers.

In our adult years Mary Ann and I never saw each other. We both had families young and moved away in different directions.
After 25 yrs we reconnected through the internet, and we are enjoying our 40's knowing neither of us has really changed: we are still perpetually 12, still love rock and metal, and we live our life to have fun any way we can.

Jeremy thanked me for bringin my "Hot" friend to the show! LOL

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