Friday, November 21, 2008

The Sale Begins Now!
Below are my three designs for give-aways at my Etsy Sale This Weekend (Nov 22 and 23 )
With each item from the shop purchased you can choose a free-bee give-away item for free for this weekend only.

These are my hand made needle felted, with bead embellishments, holiday fridge magnet notepads.

Each post-it note pad is mounted to a piece of craft foam that is sporting 4 strong button magnets. Each note pad comes with a needle felted decorated (reclaimed golf pencil).

You get to choose either the Snowman, the Reindeer, or the Yule Tree.
I have made 9 note pads of each character (32 total)
There will be a running tally on the number of each give-away available.

If you click on the two photos at the top of this article, they will take you to my Etsy shop:

Please check out all the participants by going to the blog and clicking on our minis to see what each of us are offering for our sale.
The blog address is:

I want to draw your attention to two of the items I have for sale, that I really want to sell this weekend. I have two charity items for sale. One is Harper the Harp Seal and the other is The Goldfish In a Druzy Sea. Harper has 100% of his profits going to the local animal charity I support. The Goldfish pendant necklace has 100% of its profits going to "Neighbours helping Neighbours" which is a group of local crafters in my town of Newmarket, ON who are auctioning off their work to give money to a local family. The Mom is young and has young children and is diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis is not good. So we are raising money to help them with the piling expenses of her care, and the care of her young children. I really need to present both charities with money before the end of the month...they are sooo in need.
Just think of the opportunity it is for you to help needy, get what you want, plus get a free bee gift you could keep or give away as a holiday gift for a friend or family member!

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