Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Made It Into An Etsy Treasury today!

I am so exicted that another Etsy Member ( Kittskrafts ) put me in their Treasury today!
See it here:


I feel so blessed!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My face hurts! My Gut Hurts! My Shoulders Hurt!........I am a train wreck "VIA" laughter. It's Jeremy Hotz's fault! Miserable bugger!

Well it has been a wild weekend.
So much to do, and it took up every minute of the weekend.

Saturday Night Mary Ann and I went to see Jeremy Hotz at the Niagara Falls Comedy Festival.
Jeremy had sent me a code so I could get reserved tickets via his fan page on Facebook.

It was an awesome show!

The whole audience was in tears and doubled-over in pain from laughing so much!
Half of his show was improv stimulated by talking to audience members. The stuff was priceless!

I had also been sent a special invitation to attend a special before and after the show party. Jeremy did an autograph and photo session for over an hour after the show.

Mary Ann and I have known each other since kindergarden. We were best highschool gf.
We would go out every week together to buy our 45's from the Chum top 10 List.
We saved our pop tops for prizes, and collected posters from Kiss and The Bay City Rollers.

In our adult years Mary Ann and I never saw each other. We both had families young and moved away in different directions.
After 25 yrs we reconnected through the internet, and we are enjoying our 40's knowing neither of us has really changed: we are still perpetually 12, still love rock and metal, and we live our life to have fun any way we can.

Jeremy thanked me for bringin my "Hot" friend to the show! LOL

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Introducing My First Needle Felting Video:
Please See All The Details About My Etsy Sale Give-Aways below this video!

This is a video capturing 4 hours of needle felting in real time......sped up into just over 3 minutes.
There is no sound on this video.


Friday, November 21, 2008

The Sale Begins Now!
Below are my three designs for give-aways at my Etsy Sale This Weekend (Nov 22 and 23 )
With each item from the shop purchased you can choose a free-bee give-away item for free for this weekend only.

These are my hand made needle felted, with bead embellishments, holiday fridge magnet notepads.

Each post-it note pad is mounted to a piece of craft foam that is sporting 4 strong button magnets. Each note pad comes with a needle felted decorated (reclaimed golf pencil).

You get to choose either the Snowman, the Reindeer, or the Yule Tree.
I have made 9 note pads of each character (32 total)
There will be a running tally on the number of each give-away available.

If you click on the two photos at the top of this article, they will take you to my Etsy shop: http://www.motivatedmotion.etsy.com

Please check out all the participants by going to the blog and clicking on our minis to see what each of us are offering for our sale.
The blog address is: http://nfest.blogspot.com/

I want to draw your attention to two of the items I have for sale, that I really want to sell this weekend. I have two charity items for sale. One is Harper the Harp Seal and the other is The Goldfish In a Druzy Sea. Harper has 100% of his profits going to the local animal charity I support. The Goldfish pendant necklace has 100% of its profits going to "Neighbours helping Neighbours" which is a group of local crafters in my town of Newmarket, ON who are auctioning off their work to give money to a local family. The Mom is young and has young children and is diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis is not good. So we are raising money to help them with the piling expenses of her care, and the care of her young children. I really need to present both charities with money before the end of the month...they are sooo in need.
Just think of the opportunity it is for you to help needy, get what you want, plus get a free bee gift you could keep or give away as a holiday gift for a friend or family member!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Am Taking Part In A Very Cool Etsy Sale!

This Video Is My Theme Song For The Sale!
(turn up da volume)

There is a sale of the NFEST team this weekend on Etsy.
Saturday and Sunday is the sale.
This is your opportunity to pick up one of my pieces and get a second item absolutely free!
Please click on the icon below to see the details. You really need to check out the article behind the icon because some of my pieces are fundraisers and getting them sold this weekend is really important!

Please come and see what is offered. Look at all the needle felters' works on sale. And please buy if you like our stuff! I am only offering these free items Saturday and Sunday only, then the offer is gone!

I will post a picture of my freebee items on Friday! So stay tuned and get your paypal accounts ready for some holiday buying action!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Health Update

Well I don't usually talk in great lengths about my health, but I figure this is easier to do it here for friends and family than-me trying to call everyone and fill them in.

So... everyone who watches this blog knows I have an aquired brain injury from 2005 that has definitely changed my world. But in my opinion it has changed it for the better.
I had to learn to take it easier and to plan better.

Some of our family and friends know that my health has been varied all my married life, because I also have a rare auto-immune disease called Sjogrens. Which is actually why I was susceptible to the brain injury in the first place. I have been in remission from Sjogrens (for the most part) since 2001.

In 1995 I started to show signs of the Sjogrens and in 1996 I was biopsied and diagnosed with it. Sjogrens is a connective tissue disease. It has killed my tear glands and saliva glands and has effected my esophagus and my digestive system. But, except for the tears and saliva issues, I have been doing very well all through the 2000 yrs. In the 90's I was reduced to strict vegetarianism because I lost my ability to produce digestive enzymes for meat protein, dairy, and wheat. By using nutrition to help my body heal, I was able to go back to normal eating after 7 years of regulated eating.

This past year has been really cool for me reguarding diet. I have been on Dr. Poon's high protein, low carb diet and I have lost over 50lbs and I have also reduced my cholesterol to zero and my blood sugar to normal( I became a diabetic in 2003). In the past couple of months Dr. Poon had noticed I began to hold fluid, and there did not seem to be a good reason for it. Well we discovered this week, the reason for that. I am no longer in remission for the digestive issues of Sjogrens. My body is losing its digestive enzyme production again, and it is stressing and holding fluid as an auto-immune response.

So this answers a lot of questions to why this fall I had an increase in my pain levels (which was diagnosed as fibro myalgia) and why I became terribly tired.
In an attempt to progress with my art gallery and needle felting, I had to give up some stuff. Timing is everything for me when it comes to doing what is most important for my world.

I am sure some of my friends have wondered why I am not returning calls as easily, or responding to emails quick enough or why I am not planning stuff with them. It is because I have to plan every moment of my day around my health and wellness.

Currently I am determined to continue teaching needle felting and knitting, and to continue to develop my needle felting kits and business. I am also trying to get out and do stuff, but I really only feel like I can plan more than one outing a month. So I am really choosy about what I pick. (so I am not going to please most folks....oh well). Please don't get me wrong...I am not feeling horrible. I just know that managing the Sjogrens so I can feel more well each day, requires me to be very proactive in my care. So it is just another line of action I have to add to my day. And to do that I have to let some stuff that isn't a priority be put to the side.

So this month I am going out with MaryAnn. That is my planned outing. In December I am going to Carl's work Christmas Dinner. I am also trying to get out to see Pauline before Christmas. I am also planning to cook family Christmas Dinner here. That is all I am planning till after Christmas.
Besides these outings I will be doing knitting and needle felting stuff, prepping for the holidays, and doing stuff at home with the family.
I am also planning to cook family Christmas Dinner here. So if I don't return your calls or emails it is because this stuff has to be set aside for a while.

So I have to go vegetarian again. Then I will add fish to my diet and stay like that for a while. I have to add a regimen of digestive enzymes to my day, and I have to eat huge amounts of fruit and veggies for a while. I also have these weird intestinal cleanses which are gross. These help get the food that is stuck in my intestine because the enzymes never broke them down....out of me.....echhhh!

I will probably bounce back quickly, but I am telling everyone so they don't freak if I am hermit- like for a while.

I won't die or anything, and all of this won't be a sign of some horrible outcome for me in the near future. This is just a management issue. I am the expert on managing this medical issue, so everyone will just have to trust that I am fine, but busy with my health to ensure I will be very very fine in the near future.

If you are waiting for me to help you with something...then you will be waiting a while. I won't forget where I have left-off with all my activities, and I will get back to them when I am better.