Wednesday, August 19, 2009

House Elf Socks keychains

I created these cute miniature House Elf Socks! I knitted them like flap heal socks in miniature on size 0 needles.
I am using proper sock yarn to make them.
I put them on a one inch key ring with a jump to a metal clasp so you can hook it to your purse for security.


TorAa said...

This is really fantastic.
Never seen anything alike.

Sems for me to be a good idea for X-Mas presants.

How can I order?

Lynn said...

Hi TorAa thanks for the comment.
You can order by going to my etsy shop at

If you have a specific number of keychains in mind you can contact me through my email at motivatedmotion (at) sympatico (dot)ca and tell me how many you need. Then I can give you more details how you can pay for the order when I am done making them.