Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Miss Wendy

I cannot do this on the day, that would be too tough. I don't even want to think about how many years she is gone now. :(

But today I was having a very good day. I was creative and got lots of shop stuff finished up and I even got to touching up a few bits of texture in the bathroom before we varnish.
I posted my rings for sale which you should be able to see in the post below.
All in all a really good day!
When Wendy was around we would gab about ideas and interests in new crafts to try...
Plus if I was stumped I would just ask Wendy her
opinion, and she always had some really cool ideas!

Wendy was a crocheter and an machine embroiderer.
She also liked cake decorating and sewing.
She like complex needlework and weaving, and she was
great at organizing anything!
She would try ANYTHING! And she most enjoyed crochet.
She made fine doilies and swans and flowers.

I never had a friend like Wendy in my past and I don't think I will have another friend like Wendy in my future.

Every day when I get excited over a craft I hope she is watchin!

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