Friday, August 14, 2009

Here's a little Surprise

To add to all this creativity today I have done something else. If you are just tuning in... here is the scoop: I have begun to make inquiries to see if I qualify for Federal and Provincial artistic grants. I have contacted the GOTO people indicated for the councils and I am very interested in what they say.
I am not certain. But I think I may be able to apply for multiple grants to improve and produce more virtual classrooms and to do my big fancy book, and to enhance my ability to be a strong competitor and presenter at associated conferences throughout North America.
Please send positive thoughts and prayers my way to help me with the Luck I will need to be accepted in the competition for the grants.
Just starting this process is so very exciting to me!

Spiritual and Geeky Jewelry

Have I told you lately that I love my Job!?
I may be disabled but I feel pretty freakin good when I can be inspired to create jewelry like you are about to see!
Steam Punk
Spiritual Pendulums
Wire Wrapped Gems

Wait until you all see what I am holding back! Can you imagine Needle Felting combined with each of these genres? Oh YES it is coming so soon!
I know these items are going to be scooped up so if you want to be the Geek everyone at work will be jealous better purchase soon, or they will be gone.
These OOAK pieces are from one of a kind gems or from reclaimed watch and clock parts. I cannot make exact duplicates...

The newest items I have listed are Spiritual Gems Wire Wrapped Jewelry and some Geekery Jewelry.
Just when you thought you saw it all....circuit board pendants and earrings.
I have also created some Steam Punk jewelry that I will release tomorrow.
Steam Punk is really cool so I suggest you come back tomorrow to see the Steam Punk creations!
For now I hope you enjoy browsing the newest items in the shop here:
(click on the thumbnails to see larger pics and details)


ladies designer shoes said...

Those were great creations. I like the creativity. Do you have any ebay shop? i really liked the transparent clock thing that sounds like a good gift.

Lynn said...

I have no Ebay shop now. I used to, but I like Etsy better. It is like Ebay for Crafts. I ship anywhere.
The photo of the tranparent clock is one I have taken for my shop.
I could not roll everything out at the same time, so you will see it for sale on my etsy this weekend

TorAa said...

What to say but:
far better what we can find in any shop!