Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Took a Chance To Tell The Story And 5 young people Wrote Me To Tell Me They Were Going To Go Get Checked Out

I have to thank everyone who responded to my blog post. Some heard about it through the RSS, some heard about it through Twitter and Some through Facebook.

I received over a dozen notes from friends and family over the last two weeks when I basically disclosed the cancer in one sentence on Facebook.
Then when I decided to go public with the type of Cancer I got some of the most emotional notes I have ever heard.
Folks reached out to me from all over the world.

The most important notes were from 5 women under 25 who said that they were going to get checked out.......
If I can get 5 women to go get pap smears and think about their woo woo in a different light, I think I have accomplished more than I could ask for.

I know women over 25 wrote me that they were getting checked out too.....and I am glad for it. I just did not think I would effect younger women in the same way, and I am grateful that so many are thinking about their woo woo more.

And a note to the guys. You can think of our woo woo in a different light too. If you are so inclined to check out the area with your good eye (LOL not THAT EYE) then have a look down there on your loved one's package and make sure it all looks like the inside of your lip and if it does not..... make sure you tell your lady please.......Pink is right White plus brown or black is bad .

I had a crazy day.
That dumb shoulder problem that has slowed down my jewelry making has now stopped it for a bit. I have tendonitis of the bicep.
(Please....just roll your eyes now....because I am)
Now I will be doing extensive physio to get it mostly healed up before my surgery. Hopefully my shoulder will recover quick, so I will be able to brace myself better when moving around after the surgery.

Friday I go to the surgeon and he books my surgery. He felt that it would be within the next 8wks.
I will let you know what I find out Friday....

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