Monday, October 26, 2009

Surgery Date And A Wrecked Shoulder

On Friday I had my appointment with the surgeon.
My surgery date is December 2nd- in the afternoon.
It is day surgery.
I am expected to be uncomfortable for about a week.
The Dr said I will have to be checked every six months after that. For the re-occurrance rate of this cancer is high.
It also sounds like I was really lucky that by happenstance I ended up having this discovered because of another issue. The Dr said he never gets to see this cancer in its early stages like I have. Usually he sees it when it has gone too far. This is because this cancer basically is symptom free until it is too late. Once it starts to itch it is usually too late....

I also had my first physio appointment on Saturday. It looks like I have tendinitis in the bicep, but there also could be a tear in the cartiledge. So I am in physio twice a week until my surgery, just so my arm can be strong enough to brace me after surgery.

So in Studio I will only be knitting and needle felting for the rest of the season.
An exception will be finishing up some yule tree webs.
The photo session for the webs means we will have to set up the yule tree early.....
It will be strange having a bare tree up for a few weeks.

Stay tuned for new photos all week of new listings in the shop.

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