Monday, October 22, 2007

Drowning Girl

(I am honouring my "six degrees of separation" with a plea to all of my readers, but especially my readers located in Germany.)

How Does the Canadian Indie band Drowning Girl connect to Lynn Tucker blogger?

Lynn Tucker is the Mom of Cam Tucker the former lead singer and lyricist for the Indie Metal Band Fall The Loss. Cam Tucker is not only a lead vocalist, but is actually a very well-trained know...Drummer. Cam Tucker took Drum Lessons from Jesse Porter for several years. Jesse Porter's partner is Nicole Dente-musician, and songwriter and activist. Nicole Dente is friends of Alex Tucker, Cam Tucker's older brother, and Lynn Tucker's other Son, the Owner of Automatic Pixel Productions. The mutual relationship of Nicole and Jesse to our whole family blossomed into friendship. Lynn and her husband Carl do their best to support all endeavors of the group of friends at large. Oh and Jesse Porter joined a group as a drummer. Actually a band called Drowning Girl on the cusp of the band's breakout into the international market. So that is how Lynn Tucker is attached to Drowning Girl through "six degrees of separation". (giggle)

Sure that was cute and fun, but my request is genuine and serious.
(click on the poster of Drowning Girl to see it bigger, cuz the rules are on the poster)

Drowning Girl is competing in the international music market right now. As we speak they are awaiting German votes to win a serious competition to get concert time in Germany. So Hail all Bloggers in Germany! I need you to vote today! Please Please Please. I need you to vote for Drowninig Girl so another Canadian band can entertain the world!!!!! I believe the German IP's are the ones being tallied. So we need German support so you all can see this band live where you live!

Please tell your friends about this post! Especially if your friends live in Germany. I hope that if they tell two friends, their friends will tell two friends, and their friends will tell two friends and so on....and so on....and so on.....

You can go to the site to vote here.,3044,OID4332458_POL4334636_SIX4_REF2158,00.html

(You need to log in, so please go to the HOME and create a REGISTRATION and then get the link they send you in email....then go to MUSIK and click the INTERNATIONAL YOUNG STARS and then vote for DROWNING GIRL.)

There are great music samples on the German site, but if you want more I have it for you below, in vidoes!

For more neat-o Drowning Girl information please go to their MySpace HERE

*Thank You So So Much!


thestraydogblog said...

Thanks so much Lynn! Great intro on the 6 degrees of seperation. I just read it to Jesse. Right now they are in second only 2.5% the leading band! I hope our German friends will help us out :)

Lynn said...

It is so important for everyone to take a look at the poster pic for Drowning Girl cuz the rules are on there. Click the poster so see it bigger.

Lynn said...

I have received emails from my friends in Germany, and Drowning Girl is in the lead with 35.7%. I thank you folks in Germany for voting! Please ask your friends to vote too! Thank You, Thank You!

RennyBA said...

Obviously tooo long since I've been visiting - sorry!

The music are great - thanks for sharing - yes, I like the genuine hard rock sound.

Sorry I'm not from Germany :-)

Wishing you a wonderful end to your week!