Monday, October 08, 2007

My Website Is Up And Running!

Well it took a long time, but we have the website up which is dedicated to my invention called Swirl-Locks and Swirl-tips, and some hand-made crafts!

I have been marketing the Knitting tools exclusively in the retail store called Knit or Knot.
I will continue to do this. Knit or Knot will have the exclusive retail option. So if you live in the Toronto area and want these nifty tools and you are nervous about internet shopping, then you can go to Aurora Ontario to Knit or Knot and get them!

All my sales links go to my Ebay posts.
I have "Nanny Tucker's Hand-made Doilies" up in already. I just don't have them on my website yet!

If you are looking for me on I am lynntucker43 .
This week we will be adding knitting demos onto the front page of the Website, and I will update them a few times a month.

I am so proud of Carl and Alex for doing the site. This is Carl's first ever attempt at building a site, and Alex taught him how to do it.


Click this icon below to go to my Website

You will notice I am advertising my friends' businesses on my and .ca site. If you are one of my online friends that I do business with, and you would like to do a link exchange for your site, please email me. I am pimping folks I know, or I am real-life friends with.


Here are the pics of what is for sale.
See them for sale Here

See Swirl-locks for sale HERE

See Swirl-Tips for sale HERE


See doilies for sale Here

Please check out page two of my Website for Demos of the Swirl-locks and Swirl-Tips!


Mother of Invention said...

Big congrats on the website, Lynn! What a fabulous thing for you to show all your "craftiness"!

I like the doilies best. (Sorry, I'm not a crafty person, even without the neuropathy!)
Good luck with it.

RheLynn said...

Nice website Lynn! I did have to log out and get back into Windows though to come to your blog, for some reason it's been doing weird things to my Linux again :( But wanted you to know I'm wishing you lots of luck with your knitting tools and also with your continued weight loss!

Hope you are feeling better from the flu now ;)

Teena said...

Very cool! Congrats!

RennyBA said...

Congrats so very much with the new site - a real nice and inviting one!

Your both handy and crafty :-)

Wishing you a lovely end to your week!

Sue said...

I have awarded you! Come see :)