Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh The Flu, The Flu!

Well, I have been nursing the flu since Sunday.
I thought it was just a cold, but when I became plagued by fever after fever from Monday to Wednesday morning I am thinking Flu.

I am beginning to feel better this afternoon. I have been sleeping in for my health, and I am trying my best to eat well.

Most who have been following along know that my diet has removed a lot of fruit from my daily eating to speed up my metabolism. I have been eating the way the Dr wants me to, but since I got sick I have added berries to my diet. I figure if I am gonna eat anything I am craving while sick, the fruit is the least invasive. I know I have had a considerable weight loss this month, and since I have been sick I have still noticed signs of weight loss. Perhaps tonight I will actually get on the scales.

My friend had this go into her chest. I am much more fortunate than that. I only got the stuffy head. I am hoping that marking the sundown today with no fever is the means to an end of it for me now.


Teena said...

Poor you! I hope you get better soon!

Lynn said...

Thanks Teena

I feel like I am on the mend today.

RennyBA said...

Get better soooooon! in the mean time, you might do it my way - as I always says: 'Of all the things that does not work or cure, brandy is the best' LoL

Lynn said...

Renny you speak from my heart.
I choose Tequilla first.
Then second single malt scotch for my cures.
I love brandy too. I just find the tequilla one works best for me.
I guess by now you see I am not a mixy drink kinda gal.
Straight up for me works best in all circles.
But alas, over 40 and alcohol makes me red. So I don't do it well anymore. :)

RheLynn said...

Oh :( Hope you feel better soon - the flu is always tough this time of year, some nasty ones going around!

Mother of Invention said...

Hope you still got to eat turkey dinner! Congrats on the weight loss. I just have 10 lbs to get off and I'm struggling with insulin matching so actually have put on a few since the sugar is better! Raw deal!
RVH set me up with a great program for counting and matching carb to insulin and tons of blood sugar testing..9 X a day!!