Monday, October 01, 2007

Ok So Who's Bright Idea Was It To Move Canadian Thanksgiving To The First Weekend In October?

My whole life, Canadian Thanksgiving has been the second weekend in October. Now, for some unGodly reason it is the first one!

Darn thing has snuck up on us!

I don't even have a bird yet!
Next we will be having Christmas on the US Thanksgiving weekend.

I think that it is the craft company Michaels that did it. By having Thanksgiving early they can suck every penny out of the crafters for fall stuff in August cuz it all has to be finished by the end of September. Then they can get an early jump on Halloween, and have us thinking Yuletide decorations for October 31st!

I haven't even finished my summer knitting, let alone get going on the fall! Oh and I cannot even think about Christmas............and the knitted Nativity scene I want to make and the Knitted Yule Calendar. Oh boy! I am behind again!

Speaking of behind. My butt is getting smaller and smaller still. I am crankin' past the 46lb mark and hoping to end October past the 50lb mark. I am dawning the Year 1999 wardrobe. Stuff that fit in June is HUGE.


Teena said...

We're having cornish hens for Thanksgiving. I got them on Tuesday. It's just the two of us and we'd never eat a HUGE turkey.

Teena said...
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