Monday, June 02, 2008

The Menagerie Of Tiny Felted Creations

Yep I have been busy with my needle felting.
Most of the creations shown here will be put up for bid on ebay on June 15th.
I will show these creatures closer and base-priced soon.

I want enthusiasts, or those that collect these little friends to not miss the big sale I will have.
I am very excited.
I am not putting them as sales but as bids so I can see what kind of prices they can fetch.

I will also do commissioned pieces. Like perhaps a model of your dog or cat or hamster in miniature.
I will make one of my hermit crabs to sell as a start.
Click on the photos to see them bigger.

twitter the computer mouse, chief the dragon, humphry bunny, dreddy bear, oulette the frog, sleeping smouse, pinky (not for sale), twig the bunny, and darwin the skull

Humphry Bunny and Dreddy Bear with his Rasta hat

Twitter the computer mouse, Chief the dragon

Twitter the computer mouse

Side view of Twitter's tail

Dreddy Bear, Oulette the Frog, and Sleeping Smouse

Sleeping Smouse
Because I drew cartoon mice, and I was the smallest person in school, I got the nickname of Smouse. Even in my Sr. High school year book my nick name is printed.... So smouse is still a name folks from high school call me. Just like my friends from Europe call me Amy, because I was the author Amy. It has been a great life having personas. Everyone in my family is familiar with all of them.

Pinky the Bear, Twig the Bunny, Darwin the Skull with an amethyst crystal in his head

Pinky is a replica of Cameron's childhood Teddy Bear. Twig is a likeness of one of the twin bunnies in our garden. Darwin was inspired by the first skull I made for my friend Sue. I decided that magical likenesses will get crystals.

Oulette has a great story. When I was very young, about age 8, I created two cartoons. One was a frog and one was a mouse. My Dad was a detective and one day he brought his new partner, Andy Oulette, by for a coffee. I drew Andy my frog. He laughed. This was in the early '70s and I did not know that in slang French Canadians was Frogs. So that is how Oulette got his name.

Humphry bunny came from my imagination. He formed himself as I manipulated the roving.

Chief was named by Cameron. But the idea came from my friend Margaret who said that I should try a dragon. So I did.
Well this is the mouse I drew since I was 8 or so. Now he finally becomes 3D. I have actually made three of these. This one is the largest and he is Twitter. Carl has the next size smaller and he is called Bit, and Al has the third one that is really really small, and he is called Eee (cuz he was made small to go on Al's Asus Eee mini laptop)

Please keep coming back over the next few weeks and I will show you more of these. Next post I will show you pics I took at the museum, and I will show you a book I got for ideas of more creations. I was inspired by what I saw at the museum, and my imagination is reeling and ready to burst with ideas. Monday I will order more roving (the carded wool fluff) so I can begin some pet likenesses.
Right now I am working on a fairy/angel...


Alicia said...

Wow you are very talented. These are all made with felt? They are so adorable.

Lynn said...

Hi Alicia,
They are made of felt, but not in the average sense. They are felted by me. Meaning I turned unspun, carded wool into a felt using a technique of pushing a barbed needle through a ball of fluff until it knits the fibres together into a felt item. Basically they start out looking like large dust bunnies that I poke in places until they are dense and shaped.

julietk said...

I adore the sleeping mouse :D
I forgot to say in my other message i would be happy to swop blog links.