Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Friday's Trip to The ROM

On Friday I took the train to Toronto. I accompanied my husband Carl on his commute to the banking District of King and Bay Streets in Toronto , from our ruralish home in Newmarket, north of the city.

We have a commuter train that takes about 45 minutes to travel right to Union Train Station in the downtown of Toronto.

I then bought travel tokens for Toronto's transit, with the intention to use the subway to its fullest that day.

I went up to see Carl's new office, and I had the pleasure of also seeing my My Son Alex's new cubical, where he is doing his internship (practicum) in IT at the bank in a group close to his Dad. Alex getting offered this internship is really good for his future. The banks like to hire their interns. He was also told that if he takes an opportunity for full-time employment after his software engineering degree, he will have options for the company to support a part time masters for him later.

Amber also got her first job in her field now. She is working for the Ministry of Natural Resources as a fish biologist. Her DNA specialism will get put to great use in this research position. She hopes this gets her in on the ground level for future positions in the DNA cluster.

So all being well she will work doing this research for a bit, then decide what she wants to specialize in in genetic studies for her Masters.

This Thursday, Amber has her convocation for her Honours Degree. And...she has had a poster of her research published and has presented it at the great lakes conference! WHOOT! We are sooo proud of her.

So, Friday , after seeing the guys' office I went to the subway and went to the ROM (the Royal Ontario Museum). I spent about an hour and a half there, then traveled back to the guys' office to take Alex to lunch and go for a bit of a walk with him. Then I went back to the ROM (I can do that cuz I am a member) and looked at another exhibit before heading West on the subway to visit the director of PSICAN to chat and catch up, and to discuss a future investigation.

The Third floor has an exhibit of African, to Asian exhibits

Most of the pieces below are interesting to me as ideas for new felted sculptured items

I found these seal stones really interesting

I thought that this was the cutest figure. To me, it looks like a sheep, but it is supposed to be a hedgehog.

When I went back to the office to meet Alex for lunch, we went out to get some sausage from the street BBQs (which we call street meat), then we went for a walk in the underground to the TD bank building. They have turned this building into a hotel now, and they turned the vault into a chic restaurant!

On my second trip back to the ROM I went to the DARWIN exhibit. I couldn't take photos inside because they had some live animals in there.
I learned something really cool. I am a distant relative of Charles Darwin by marriage.
Yep that is true!
Charles Darwin married the daughter of the Wedgewood family. The Wedgewoods are famous British potters. My family are part of the Wedgewood clan and a few distant cousins are still potters for Wedgewood or china painters for them.
In June, and through the summer the ROM will have a partnering exhibit to the Darwin exhibit, on the Wedgewood family and its porcelain.
I am very excited about it!
If the Wedgewood exhibit is as good as the Darwin one, I will learn a lot about the type of folks the potters of my family are.

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RennyBA said...

What a great trip and how well documented with all the great pictures - thanks for sharing!

Must have been nice to see you son too - his projects sounds interesting!

Wishing you a great Sunday and a wonderful week ahead :-)