Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy International Web Bloggers' Day!

International Weblogger's Day 2008

It is finally here! Ode to the joy of bouncing around my cube with elation because our Geekdom is being recognized once again! Whooot!

I think this is my 4th yr participating in the celebration.
I had really hoped to do something spectacular this year, but alas the timing for planning was all wrong for me this time.

Rio has put some amazing little information tidbits about how the blogging community has evolved, plus news related to blogging on the official InWeDay website. Please click on the site and read his front page, then go to the tab for participants. Click on each participant to read what they have put down on their blogs to honour today.

For me, honouring today is still about the innovations and trends in blogging and how amazing a communication tool it is. I travel the world each day as I surf through my blogger friends' posts from the far corners of the world.

Oh and as a note for the regulars. Carl and I have been busy this week. We are prepping the house to take two student boarders in this fall, and the redecorating and reorganizing has taken longer than I thought. So, I will delay the bidding for the Miniature Felted Animals for a few days. Check the previous posts so you can see these lovely little collectibles.

Please come back each day this week to see new posts. A few will have new pics of new items that will be put on Ebay for auction.


The first InWeDay I participated in was 2006. Most of the bloggers I read regularly came from the list in that year. I went through every listed blog and read them, and surfed around as much as I could on the blogger roll, and a few blog traffic generator sites. I made a comment to each person, even if I had to write in another language.......AND I COULD DO THAT, THANKS TO AMAZING TOOLS LIKE BABELFISH. I wrote my piece and cut and pasted it into the tool and the tool would generate to the best of its ability a translation of my work. I am sure it sounded like some foreigner was trying to speak the language of choice to them, and I didn't fool them a bit LOL.

I started blogging at a time I was unable to speak. The journals helped me tell my family what was going on in our world, and I didn't have to dwell on my disability at the time, and explain away the reasons I could not talk to them on the phone.

My lifestyle has changed since I started blogging too.
Once I was able to speak again, I never went back to telephone communicating. I rarely pick up the land line any more.

Noticed I said land line. For good reason too. I rarely talk on any phone but this year my cell phone is quite busy following family and friends around through their day on TWITTER. I even have a widget for twitter here folks who come to the blog can see what I am doing in the land of Tweeting. You can follow me on Twitter. I am WitchAmy.

The new medium for blogging via your mobile phone has changed our whole familie's life. We tweet most days and we can follow our friends and family through their day. We can find out the newest funny thing at work, or the new face the cat can make, or where someone is going for coffee. In the mobile blogging I was able to learn that Amber was in the deep bush collecting bear fur samples for DNA evaluation in real time to when she was there! IN THE DEEP FORESTS WHERE THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A TELEPHONE LINE! How cool is that!

I learned in real time when my Son had finally finished his first big integration on his laptop, and how the first days at work went for him in his internship.

The most amazing thing about the mobile blogging is there is a very select group of folks who are dedicated enough to tweeting, and it is really nice to know that all geeks don't think alike. We are not some cookie cutter group of nerds who all look the same, or act the same or view the same. I thought though that the group was sooo unique that I would never make any friends on there. But Voila! Folks looked at keywords and my profile and wanted to take a look! Folks saw photos I posted, and they showed an interest in my personal hobby, and now they follow my day on their computers or cell phones.

In my right margin you will see a group of folks that have blogs I read. These folks are the ORIGINAL InWeDay participants, and they are very international.
In the InWeDay Official site there is a list of the latest participants for 2008.
Wow! .....2008
Lots of us are on there.

So if you haven't guessed it, this blogging stuff is all about communication. Free world speech, in which one can share a tidbit, or lie to their heart's content, or teach us something we didn't know. We can have an opinion or post others' opinions or just try to bridge the gaps of the world by being friendly evangelists for our home, country, and culture.

I ablsolutley love reading about other folks pride in their homeland. I enjoy with all of my imagination looking at photos other people have taken, and I am in awe of videos folks do, or the interesting hobbies other folks have.

I have learned how to organically grow my plants, I shared quotes from Robert Kennedy Jr in real time on Twitter. I saw pics of one of my students latest trip to Paris. I spent a year reading an elaborate travel-log of a Norwegian who loves his homeland and writes like he hopes every reader will come to Norway and look him up to go for coffee! I read about other women who have weird medical troubles too, and then I feel so blessed to be here, and I often don't feel so hard-done-by my own medical problems. And best.......I get to share my life with my family and extended family.

They can follow my tweets or my RSS as it marches down the world wide web highway, or they can just browse me when they aren't busy.

The world gets smaller and smaller as we get connected with new friends, find old ones with a name search, and post records of our days (even the boring ones)

My blog is my big pride, super bragging, very grateful discourse.
I love it.
I appreciate all the folks who have stayed blogging on with me too. Dedicated readers and blog rolls, and link lists of friends.

For me blogging is about awareness. The veil of ignorance lifting, and a huge chain of folks who are willing to just let it all hang out there in cyber space, so we get the chance to learn.

I feel ultimate joy while reading blogs.. It lets me know humans are waiting to know me, and are happy for me to know them.

Bless you all on this big ole world bloggosphere!
Whatcha gonna teach me today!? (happy hands are rubbing together in an anxious gesture as I click away to a blogger on my list.



Teena in Toronto said...

Happy International Web Bloggers' Day!

I wasn't aware of it this year. Damn!

RennyBA said...

Sorry I'm late but of course: Happy Bloggers' Day!

This was a great contribution in the spirit of free speech in blogsphere - well written Lynn!

You know I do believe blogging connecting people and I guess the thing you mention about reading from Norway is from my Terella. Thanks for sharing from your part of the world too :-)