Friday, June 27, 2008

The Weirdness Of Blogging

Once in a while bloggers get comments from other bloggers asking if they can exchange links.
This is a common courtesy and is done so out of respect for what each person is writing about.

But unfortunately this fellow who wanted to link has decided to write about how a person can make money from blogging. They are journaling about how they are/will be successful blogging for money.

It is really hard to take the word of a person who is basically making an experiment out of blogging, then writing like they are an authority on the subject.

And basically in his blog he cuts up folks who journal for pleasure. And in the next breath says we need to be polite.

Yep and he is Canadian.
A bit embarrassing to admit a fellow Canadian has just "bladed" all the folks he wants to link to him.

I thought about letting his comment in on the comment line so folks could go check him out, but I am a bit concerned about the second blog on his profile, he may be setting it up to mess up folks with pop-ups and stuff.

Blogging is a journal for lots of us. It is about sharing with whoever is important to you.
It is not for one blogger to decide if other bloggers have a worthiness, and then speak slanted about them if they don't.

I just wonder how long his little experiment, of being the expert blogger of less than one month, will take to fizzle out...........

If I was to give advice about Blogging for money.......
Ask folks who actually make a real living at it, how much work that living is.
Those I know who make a living at it work hard. Very hard at what they do. They are a constant presence on the net, and they are always busy writing.
In this world you cannot get something for nothing. Everything takes work. It isn't luck.
There are no successful get rich quick schemes. Everything requires effort.

For those that use this tool for networking in whatever capacity....I salute you for bringing a bit of your knowledge to the bloggosphere.
My life is enriched by learning from others.
For those who wish to try to climb on everyone's back to get a free ride......good luck with that. And I suggest in the climb you better not talk trash about the person holding you up, or you may just fall.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. As soon as I see one of those pay per post blogs - I move on. Blogging just isn't about that for me.

TorAa said...

I so do agree with you and could not have said it better.
For me blogging is sharing with family and friends about our daily life and experiences and even thoughts. I'm pretty reluctant about the last, as people around the world do not have the same culture, religion, safeness etc as we do have here in Norway where i happend to be born.
I'm not blogging for Money.
But, in fact, I use the Internet to make money for the Company that pays my salary. Which is something very different.

Have great weekend