Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Had A Great 45th Birthday
We Introduce "Maulder"
And We Catch A Rainbow And A Rose In Their Splendor

So here is the newest felted creation. Maulder. Cam named him.
He is a free-standing alien who defies all odds of balance an can stand up with his very sway back!
He has no wires inside him. He is strictly all felted.
So far, all the creations I have made are only stabilized by the felting process itself.
Maulder took about 25hrs of work.

I have one set of felts to finish, then I am putting the block of them up on ebay.
Please keep coming back this week to see when the website debuts.
Please come to the site and look around when I get it all running.

I need lots of feedback on the look and the ease of use of it etc.
So you all can help me out by giving me feedback and telling your friends about me.

Alex came this weekend for my Birthday, and for a stag the guys were supposed to go to.
He studied the needle felting stuff and has told me that this summer he will make me an official brand and he will take the time to revamp my dot com and dot ca websites to really enhance the sale of the needle felted creations.
He spent some time online looking at other needle felting creations for sale or auction, and he is quite interested in my stuff. He thinks this might fly.

Like him, I really didn't know the interest folks would have in this hobby of mine.
I am getting tons of feedback on facebook and on the blog and in emails about my photos of my work. So I am really excited about this.

Saturday Dad came up for my Birthday. Mom wasn't feeling well, so she stayed home.

My Dad and Al

Cheers Cam!

Al, Carl and Dad

Dad, Carl and Cam

Me and Al

Me lookin all 45!

A lovely rainbow over the park

Tea Rose Out Front

This week we have also been very busy prepping two rooms to take on student boarders in the fall. Seems like all of our spare time has gone into painting and recarpeting and furnishing the rooms.
One is taken, and the girl is the daughter of an old friend of mine, and we hope the second room will be taken this week.
It is really exciting taking in the students. They are all Seneca at King, or Seneca at York Students or York Students who are looking.....
So if you have a kid going to these schools this fall and they are looking for off-campus housing...the Tucker Inn is in business! LOL
The great thing about our town is we have all the stuff the big city has but it costs less and it is safer here. Plus we have a direct bus to Seneca at York University and a quick transit to Seneca at King from the bus stn right near our home. Plus our home is walking distance to the big mall, movie theatre and all the good restaurants.
I can walk to everything within three min of our home. That is the blessing of being on the edge of a town surrounded by farmland. It is funny to look up the road and see the Costco, and a few feet from it three huge barn silos! We have a huge super movie theatre called Silver City. It is surrounded by fields.
The downfall of the smaller town life is you can look up the road and see modern stores and shops of all kinds and at certain times of the summer if you take a deep breath you can smell the sheep manure on the farm fields just behind all that.
Guess it still smells better than city pollution.


RennyBA said...

Happy Birthday young Lady - all the way from Norway!

Looks like you had a great celebration and you of course really deserves it - thanks for sharing with us!

Since here: Happy Canada Day too :-)

chumly said...

Happy Canada Day!

julietk said...

Hope your Birtday brought all you wished for, I like your Alien he's a cool character ,he must have taken some hours to make too, the kitty you saw of mine was a weeks work. By the way well said re Know it all blogger.
I have found some of the most highly listed bloggers are the least polite I tagged two I had been reading and they totally ignored it as if they were to good to be tagged by the likes of me, I no longer read thier blogs.
When you have your website all revamped by your friend please let me know and we can swop links ,you may have read that I am in the process of revamping mine too so it would be best to wait until then, anyway sorry to have waffled on a bit ,best regards Juliet.

TorAa said...

What's better than fresh, clean air around you? Combined with the silence you want to hear from Mother Nature.
I read this post with great passion.
Take care of all of yours.


TorAa said...


Happy - happy Birthday

may it be many more;)