Sunday, October 26, 2008

Broken Face

Well if some of you were on facebook this weekend or on twitter, you would have seen a note from me that I broke my nose.
So the first two pics were taken the night I did it. Friday. Before the big swelling started.
I cut my nose bridge and bashed an old nose break I got as a kid. (I might have just done my own reconstructive procedure for the first break!)
In the first two pics you can see the bandage on my nose and my eyes are a bit discoloured.....

I slammed the van hatch on my face.
I am pretty certain my nose is broken. I have no feeling from the middle of the bridge down.
Most of the bruising went down my throat. Yesterday my throat hurt badly.
I figured if I can breathe outta both nostrals and the cut closed well, I was not doing the hospital visit.
I was a little more worried about a hospital associated infection I could get if I hung out in Emergency for a night.
I am getting checked out at Dr this week. I am not a total putz.
I am getting my eye checked at eye Dr on Wed too.

Honestly I think what saved me from bruising soo bad was the fact I had anesthetic injected all over my head less than 24 hrs before the big wack! Thursday was the day I get my whole head frozen as part of the treatment for the damaged nerve in my head. That much anesthetic could possibly be still in my tissue the next day and reduce the bleeding.
I get injected with many many needles all over my head and neck once a month to stop pain in a damaged nerve. The therapy is called trigger point anesthetic injections. Here at the Tucker house we just call it brainfreeze. The treatment freezes the trigeminal nerve right to the dorsal horn of my brain. It is a low impact, non-opiat way of dealing with the nerve damage symptoms.

The pics below were taken today...Sunday.
I took the bandage off and cleaned off all the old scab and the cut looks good.
Doesn't even look like too much of a cut (but it was a flap that peeled to the bone)
My nose is going a bit green on the right side (which is on your left view), and my right eye is blackening more than my left.

I learned something from takin these shots. As I get older I am getting my Mom's neck!
That along with a bruised puffy face is such a pretty sight!

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RennyBA said...

Doesn't look good but I do hope you'll get and even more: feeling better!