Friday, October 24, 2008

Ray, The First Snowman Of 2008!

Well today I am featured in the front page of In the Showcase section-under Holidays
You will see Ray here on the page.
I was making him when we had our first snowfall here in Ontario, a couple of days ago.
The snow stayed for a night and a day too!
This is unusual weather for Ontario.
We usually get our first snow that settles on the ground in December near Christmas.
If we are lucky there is enough snow over Christmas break to ski, but that is because it is cold and the hills can make snow with machines.
We really only get real snow in January, and our snowiest month is February.
Enjoy the pics of the beautiful autumn snow below Ray.

You can see Ray in my Etsy. After the weekend he will make it into the Motivated Motion Gallery.

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