Monday, October 06, 2008

We Have Doilies Available Again!

I have loaded up quite a few of Nanny Tucker's Great Hand Made Crocheted Doilies into the Etsy Shop . They will show up in the Gallery soon. I finished cataloging and loading the the sets too late for Carl to get them into the Gallery tonight.
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Nanny Tucker is my Mother-in-law.
Nanny Tucker Turned 95 in January 2008. She makes crocheted doilies to keep her hands busy. She makes them without a pattern! Her doilies are lovely, and each has its one special personality, as they are no two alike. I have done my best to join up groups of these lovely hand crocheted doilies she has made to keep her hands moving. Nanny Tucker is from Newfoundland and lives in Ontario now. She bakes bread every day, and still lives in her own home. I will give Nanny more yarn and all of the profits from these doilies for making these lovely pieces for my shop.

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