Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well It Was A Great Thanks Giving Weekend!

This past long weekend was Canadian Thanks Giving.
My parents came up for Dinner, and our Student stayed for the festivities!
Our table is all decorated for halloween, so I thought you would like to see a pick of it.

The pic is huge in pixels. You can click on it to make the pic bigger to see the details.

I made my Dad the first of the Remembrance Day Pins I designed.
These are not to take away from the Legion ones, but to be a more permanent homage to Remembrance Day, than can be worn on a tuxedo or suit or on your business clothes.

Dad is modeling his.

You can see the pin for sale on my Etsy shop by clicking on its pic in the Etsy badge below:
The new items I released today are in the badge too.

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