Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend From Hell,

Well we never know when life will change suddenly for the worst. Even though what happened really does not effect our world in the long term. It certainly effected our world this weekend, and is spilling out into this week because we are now behind in things we had set out to do.

Carl's Mom has been away for three weeks. Her really good friend Suzy died at age 101 and Lillian flew to Newfoundland for the funeral.
On Saturday evening Carl and I went out to the airport to get her.
She was in great spirits, and seemed to have a good visit with my brother-in-law and her friends.

On Saturday Cam had to be at work by 7 am and was to work till 2:30PM. He came home early around 1. He promptly fell asleep in the basement until dinner.
We made tacos for dinner and it was hard for us to wake Cam.
When he came up to the dining room, he picked at his dinner and explained to us he was feeling really sick.

Right after dinner we had to rush out to the airport.
After dropping Lillian home and having a visit we got ready to go home. I called the house and then Cam's phone and we got no answer. I called several times more, and finally Cam answered the phone. He had been asleep all evening too.

We returned home before 10PM.
We walked in the door and heard Cam calling out "help!" from the basement.
We ran downstairs upon the second "help".

It is weird when you hear help called out the first time, you pause to try to analyse the prospect of what you just heard......

We found Cam in the basement, collapsed on the floor vomitting violently. And seeing he basically did not eat all day, all he was bringing up was whatever he drank. ......Pop, koolaid jammers, blueberry juice.... you get the picture.

Cam was very red. His face was looking like it was on fire, but he was not hot. He was clammy.
He kept vomitting all night. By 4 in the morning he had begun to cough too. He could not keep fluids down. We kept giving them to him to stop him from dry heaving.

The coughing worried me. I was not sure if he had vomitted in his sleep, or it was just from the acid burning his esophogus. .... So Carl and I took turns staying with him to make sure he didn't asperate. I ended my shift at 5:30 am and Carl started his at that time on Sunday morning.

Cam was sick a few more times Sunday morning. By noon he was not feeling sick, but his throat really hurt. We got him some spray for his throat. He tried to eat a bit but his throat hurt too bad. We could get him to drink though, so I figured we could wait till Monday morning before seeking a Dr, if he could keep the drinks down.

Monday morning Carl woke up Cam around 5:30Am to see how his throat was, and if he had improved, because if he hadn't, Carl would have stayed home. Cam felt hungry and his throat had improved, so Carl went to work.

Cam is on reading week this week, so he could rest up.... But he had a camera booked for Monday at Seneca, so I drove him down to get it. He was weak, but he was able to eat and drink easier and easier as the day went on.

So our ordeal ended around 4PM yesterday.
And poor Cam has been through a battle.

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Mother of Invention said...

Hope he is well by now! Hope you're well too, Lynn. I'm getting my flu shot in Nov. It's snowing and blowing like crazy here right now! What's it doing in Newmarket? I'm moving inside from the summer bedroom tonight!!!