Friday, October 31, 2008

My Newest Etsy Items

I have been working to deadlines this week.
I got some more Holiday stuff made to be released into the Showcase Feature on Esty in the Holiday Category.
I am also featured in Crochet too.
You go to and you then choose the first Showcase box on the page.
After that you will see a bunch of photos on the page. In the top right corner of that page you will see a radio box with a drop down list if you hit the arrow.
Go to that drop down list and choose Holidays or Crochet.
My snowman ring is in Holidays and three white doilies in Crochet.
If you click on either pic it will show my other features in the category.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Broken Face

Well if some of you were on facebook this weekend or on twitter, you would have seen a note from me that I broke my nose.
So the first two pics were taken the night I did it. Friday. Before the big swelling started.
I cut my nose bridge and bashed an old nose break I got as a kid. (I might have just done my own reconstructive procedure for the first break!)
In the first two pics you can see the bandage on my nose and my eyes are a bit discoloured.....

I slammed the van hatch on my face.
I am pretty certain my nose is broken. I have no feeling from the middle of the bridge down.
Most of the bruising went down my throat. Yesterday my throat hurt badly.
I figured if I can breathe outta both nostrals and the cut closed well, I was not doing the hospital visit.
I was a little more worried about a hospital associated infection I could get if I hung out in Emergency for a night.
I am getting checked out at Dr this week. I am not a total putz.
I am getting my eye checked at eye Dr on Wed too.

Honestly I think what saved me from bruising soo bad was the fact I had anesthetic injected all over my head less than 24 hrs before the big wack! Thursday was the day I get my whole head frozen as part of the treatment for the damaged nerve in my head. That much anesthetic could possibly be still in my tissue the next day and reduce the bleeding.
I get injected with many many needles all over my head and neck once a month to stop pain in a damaged nerve. The therapy is called trigger point anesthetic injections. Here at the Tucker house we just call it brainfreeze. The treatment freezes the trigeminal nerve right to the dorsal horn of my brain. It is a low impact, non-opiat way of dealing with the nerve damage symptoms.

The pics below were taken today...Sunday.
I took the bandage off and cleaned off all the old scab and the cut looks good.
Doesn't even look like too much of a cut (but it was a flap that peeled to the bone)
My nose is going a bit green on the right side (which is on your left view), and my right eye is blackening more than my left.

I learned something from takin these shots. As I get older I am getting my Mom's neck!
That along with a bruised puffy face is such a pretty sight!

Friday, October 24, 2008

OMG! This is so Funny!
Turn Up Your Speakers!

Kay Petal made up this video.
She is a fellow needle felter.
After you see this video go to her web site........

Ray, The First Snowman Of 2008!

Well today I am featured in the front page of In the Showcase section-under Holidays
You will see Ray here on the page.
I was making him when we had our first snowfall here in Ontario, a couple of days ago.
The snow stayed for a night and a day too!
This is unusual weather for Ontario.
We usually get our first snow that settles on the ground in December near Christmas.
If we are lucky there is enough snow over Christmas break to ski, but that is because it is cold and the hills can make snow with machines.
We really only get real snow in January, and our snowiest month is February.
Enjoy the pics of the beautiful autumn snow below Ray.

You can see Ray in my Etsy. After the weekend he will make it into the Motivated Motion Gallery.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well We Got Snow On Tuesday!

Yep, real snow!
The kind that stayed too!

I have a few pics and I will get them up on Thursday.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Follow This Blog

I have added a feature in the sidebar called Follow This Blog. I have noticed other bloggers using it and it puts up your avatar there in the sidebar to generate bloggers to your blog too.
Please click the follow this blog and get yourself on the list so I can also help generate some traffic to your blog. :)

Please also go over to my Needle Felting blog and click the Follow This Blog there too.

Weekend From Hell,

Well we never know when life will change suddenly for the worst. Even though what happened really does not effect our world in the long term. It certainly effected our world this weekend, and is spilling out into this week because we are now behind in things we had set out to do.

Carl's Mom has been away for three weeks. Her really good friend Suzy died at age 101 and Lillian flew to Newfoundland for the funeral.
On Saturday evening Carl and I went out to the airport to get her.
She was in great spirits, and seemed to have a good visit with my brother-in-law and her friends.

On Saturday Cam had to be at work by 7 am and was to work till 2:30PM. He came home early around 1. He promptly fell asleep in the basement until dinner.
We made tacos for dinner and it was hard for us to wake Cam.
When he came up to the dining room, he picked at his dinner and explained to us he was feeling really sick.

Right after dinner we had to rush out to the airport.
After dropping Lillian home and having a visit we got ready to go home. I called the house and then Cam's phone and we got no answer. I called several times more, and finally Cam answered the phone. He had been asleep all evening too.

We returned home before 10PM.
We walked in the door and heard Cam calling out "help!" from the basement.
We ran downstairs upon the second "help".

It is weird when you hear help called out the first time, you pause to try to analyse the prospect of what you just heard......

We found Cam in the basement, collapsed on the floor vomitting violently. And seeing he basically did not eat all day, all he was bringing up was whatever he drank. ......Pop, koolaid jammers, blueberry juice.... you get the picture.

Cam was very red. His face was looking like it was on fire, but he was not hot. He was clammy.
He kept vomitting all night. By 4 in the morning he had begun to cough too. He could not keep fluids down. We kept giving them to him to stop him from dry heaving.

The coughing worried me. I was not sure if he had vomitted in his sleep, or it was just from the acid burning his esophogus. .... So Carl and I took turns staying with him to make sure he didn't asperate. I ended my shift at 5:30 am and Carl started his at that time on Sunday morning.

Cam was sick a few more times Sunday morning. By noon he was not feeling sick, but his throat really hurt. We got him some spray for his throat. He tried to eat a bit but his throat hurt too bad. We could get him to drink though, so I figured we could wait till Monday morning before seeking a Dr, if he could keep the drinks down.

Monday morning Carl woke up Cam around 5:30Am to see how his throat was, and if he had improved, because if he hadn't, Carl would have stayed home. Cam felt hungry and his throat had improved, so Carl went to work.

Cam is on reading week this week, so he could rest up.... But he had a camera booked for Monday at Seneca, so I drove him down to get it. He was weak, but he was able to eat and drink easier and easier as the day went on.

So our ordeal ended around 4PM yesterday.
And poor Cam has been through a battle.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Am So Very Excited!!

I am so excited that I will be featured in the front page advertizing Showcase of Etsy Starting this weekend!

Please see The Motivated Motion Gallery Blog : Here for details and dates of the features.

Please take the time to check it all out and give me some feedback on how it looks and what you see and if I am missing from a showcase on the specific dates I should be featured there.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well It Was A Great Thanks Giving Weekend!

This past long weekend was Canadian Thanks Giving.
My parents came up for Dinner, and our Student stayed for the festivities!
Our table is all decorated for halloween, so I thought you would like to see a pick of it.

The pic is huge in pixels. You can click on it to make the pic bigger to see the details.

I made my Dad the first of the Remembrance Day Pins I designed.
These are not to take away from the Legion ones, but to be a more permanent homage to Remembrance Day, than can be worn on a tuxedo or suit or on your business clothes.

Dad is modeling his.

You can see the pin for sale on my Etsy shop by clicking on its pic in the Etsy badge below:
The new items I released today are in the badge too.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ohhh An Etsy Badge Of My For Sale Stuff!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Needle Felted Exotic Tree Frog Necklace Is Finished!

If you would like to see more photos head to My Needle-Felting Blog or go to my Etsy Shop Here.

Mishelle Modeled the Necklace For Me
Thanks Mishelle!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Peek At a Tree Frog Necklace in Progress.......

We Have Doilies Available Again!

I have loaded up quite a few of Nanny Tucker's Great Hand Made Crocheted Doilies into the Etsy Shop . They will show up in the Gallery soon. I finished cataloging and loading the the sets too late for Carl to get them into the Gallery tonight.
GoTo Etsy Shop Here

Nanny Tucker is my Mother-in-law.
Nanny Tucker Turned 95 in January 2008. She makes crocheted doilies to keep her hands busy. She makes them without a pattern! Her doilies are lovely, and each has its one special personality, as they are no two alike. I have done my best to join up groups of these lovely hand crocheted doilies she has made to keep her hands moving. Nanny Tucker is from Newfoundland and lives in Ontario now. She bakes bread every day, and still lives in her own home. I will give Nanny more yarn and all of the profits from these doilies for making these lovely pieces for my shop.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Needle-Felting Update

I have decided to use Etsy for the majority of my selling, instead of Ebay. Please check out the the Motivated Motion Gallery to see the new features and click on all the pics to see what is moved over to Etsy!

This is the poster for the New Needle Felting Workshops I am doing in York Region

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I joined a needle-flelting group called NFEST or (Needlefelters- Stabalot Lane)on flickr. They also have a blog at: NFEST BLOG

I have added a slideshow from the flickr group in the margin of my blog.

Now you can look at the cutest needlefelting stuff ever right here in the slideshow, and you can click on any of the pics and open up the flickr for that artist.