Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I Miss Trucking Today

This morning I was driving as the sun came up.
As I drove along the rural highway and the morning sky turned grey then pink then blue and orange, my mind was drawn back to the many years of sunrises I saw driving the truck through North America.

When I would drive all night to get to a destination, and I would be looking for my drop as the sun rose up in the sky I really appreciated the morning.

Today I was half asleep driving everyone who needed to be driven to transit or where they wanted to go; my mind was in another time:

When I drove the open road and I discovered new places, and saw land where no human was ever meant to walk upon...

Today the nomad in me is missing trucking very much.......

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julietk said...

It is so cool you used to drive that big truck. I used to drive a Hawson truck, it was an ex army laundry truck but not as big as that. You must have seen some beautiful country. x Juliet