Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"There Was This Time...There Was This Time In High School......"

In the past you have heard stories from me about my public school education back in Scarborough Ontario. You know that I had great opportunities for art and music that other folks didn't get, just because of the area schools I had the chance to go to.

Well one of my artistic buddies from high school is finally showin' the world his talent.

I was really surprised when I joined up with him on facebook to find out he DID NOT become and artist or designer as per his post secondary education, but choose the security of an artistic trade as a stone mason instead. Like me, his family is getting to the independent age and he seems to have more time to focus on his art as a secondary income, and perhaps change it to a full-time income.

This guy is very very talented. He whips off his cartoons and sketches like they are doodles! I asked him to try to post a daily cartoon on his blog, and I would like to see if he can get a following.

The great thing about this is that Canadians have a very quirky sense of humour and he really represents the Canadian mood, so he is fresh! I believe he has the potential to be the next "Toothpaste For Dinner".

I am appealing to everyone, especially my Nerdy Sons' friends who follow all the cartoon icons on the web. Let's all pay it forward. Give a buddy a chance, and let him be as blessed as we have been with our blogger followings. I know we can to do it! I know we can be part of changing an newbee's blogging life forever! I have faith in my blogger friends to ask their friends to post about him, and their friends to post about him, and so on and so on and so on.......
When you ask your friends to post about Mike Spicer and his cartoon blog please direct them to come to my blog at this url: and add themselves to the Mr. Linky so they can get the recognition they deserve too!

Please blog post about Mike Spicer, and Tweet, and "Stumble Upon" and DIGG This! Please, Please Please!

I am asking all my blogger friends to post this url on their main posts and ask their friends to do the same. Can we make this week Mike Spicer week?

Below is one of Mike's Cartoons. If you click on it you can get to his blog and see his great work!

If you guys help me get him famous I promise to post more stories about when we were teens and the silly stuff we did at school! I will even post pics!
I want you to imagine what it was like sitting beside this guy in classes, and at the lunch table......

I am keeping stats on the Tiny Url so I can let you know how many hits he is getting through my tweets and the blogs.

We bloggers can all remember the first day another blogger wrote about us and expanded the number of readers we received. I am appealing to you all to post about Mike Spicer and use the Tiny Url so we can see the difference we make for him.

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