Thursday, April 09, 2009

I Want To Show You Something Amazing!

I was really disappointed when Scott MacIntyre was voted off American Idol. I had predicted in the Tucker Family Idol Debate that Scott would finish 5th.
Alas Scott's final performance was this week.
I think Scott's personality and quirky upbeat humour made him a favorite of the fans. It was also very noticable that he was able to hold up accompaniment duties for the Idol 12 when other contestants did not have to do that. He was often at a keyboard playing along with the band.
I have a sneaking suspician that Scott was probably able to offer some really good advice to the other contestants about score, so it will be interesting how it all goes for the other contestants now the Classically trained pianist is out of the mansion....

In my search to find some web sites on him I found these great videos.
If you have been watching Idol you have noticed the cheering section for him that is his family. I am sure, like me, you wanted to know who they were.....
Well do I have a treat for you!
They are the McIntyre Family Singers!
Scott is not the only talent in the family.
He is accredited with doing the arrangement for his brother and Sister's duet, and he is in the harmony piece with his siblings.
I am so blown away by the stuff they have done as a troupe, I am kinda glad now that Scott got the Idol recognition so it would lead us all to these videos!

I would like to present to you: Katelyn , Todd , Scott , and Carole
(for those of you that may have missed American Idol-Scott is Blind, and I believe Katelyn is too)


*Todd Singing and Scott accompanying

*Todd as the Scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz

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There is this Idol thing in Norway too.

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