Sunday, April 19, 2009

In The Studio This Weekend

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This two week period is filled to the brim with workshops and lessons and prep for the next manuals. I am also taking some time in the studio to do some re-organizing.

It takes so much time to re-org a room.
I started over a week ago, but didn't get very far because I was committed to tons of stuff to do elsewhere.

I have workshops planned, and my weekends are full.

This weekend was supposed to be the first Rose workshop class but I ended up unwell on Saturday, so I have had to postpone it until May 2nd.

I opened my third compartmentalized container for my roving. I have tried to organize like colours but not like fibre.
Now I am trying to figure out how to store the large cases. I toyed with the idea of attaching them to the wall of the closet, but that idea was scrapped quickly when I realized there was not enough room on the wall for 3 cases!

My weekend craft projects are Ruffled Cravat and the Ishbel Shawl/Scarf.

I had an awesome idea for marketing the Needle-Felted Rose kits. I put the roving and needles into a dollar store bud vase for each student so they had a bud vase to display their finished rose.

This rose turned out even nicer than the first ones I did. I like that about needle-felting. If you try to repeat the object it will improve with each one made.

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