Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
(All of the Photos are from Our Midnight Premier of HBP in Newmarket)

Well I have been very fortunate this year to be able to get the juicy goods on all that was going on in preparation for the release of this film.
I am also very excited that I am -In-the-Know about all of the current buzz around the filming of the last two movies for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.
I came across the absolutely best YouTube video on Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.
It is long but it is 100% worth the watch, and if you never see another media video about the movie after this one, you won't be missing anything.

Enjoy the video! Click on the arrow and watch. You can make the screen full-size too!

If you have not read the book series I suggest you do it soon. You can see in the lower right margin of this blog that my library is brimming with Harry Potter. You definitely are missing a huge amount of the epic story if you do not read the books. There are characters in the books you have never seen on film, and story lines which are way more in depth than the movie.

It does not take away from the movies though. All of the films have done a great job with flow forsaking some info just to make the movie flow work.

I owe all of my new knowledge about the cast and the PR of all things Harry Potter 2009 to becoming a member of Feltbeats.
It was quite by accident that I came upon all of this.

Being the Needle Felter that I am in real-life I spend a good part of my evenings on my web marketing. In doing so I came across Tom Felton's Twitter page while looking for feeds on Felting :)

Tom Tweets regularly and he often was having conversations with Feltbeats.
Curiouser and Curiouser I became, and a flow of really interesting info emerged.
I looked into Feltbeats.
I found it a really well written fan site for Tom Felton.
In my research I found out it's an OFFICIAL Tom Felton site for HE is Feltbeats.

This site does not actually follow Tom because of Harry Potter. It follows him for his independent indy music career. I began to read the info he submitted for the site, and read the comments of the fan followers and I was hooked.

I was reading a mirror of my own Sons' lives. Same issues with things like stage fright, dealing with sharing emotional content as a song writer, and learning a new instrument and working hard at perfecting it.
The site also follows Tom on his journey into manhood and relationships with his mates and his girlfriend, plus his never ending love for his dog.
Such normal average things that all "kids" go through, and shared publicly by a young man who is greatful for his opportunities and working hard to make a future for himself, with clear goals, and a very clear understanding that all of the hoopla over Harry Potter puts him at the pinnacle of his career at the beginning of his life (which is very hard to stand up against for future endeavours), so he now realizes that he needs to be wise and choose content that will make him happy, and not content for a project to overshadow or be greater than the Harry Potter franchise (which would be near to impossible to do).

I am not a dreamy fan.
I am a fan of the young folks of Harry Potter as a whole. I think they deserve the koodos and pats on the back just like I would give my Sons' and their friends for trying new things, like making a band, or trying a new endeavor. I am as pround of these folks for being good role models as I am about the friends of my Sons' from our small town.
I realize in my nice wise age that young folks who are Good, and Good Role models are not a dime a dozen. They definitely are not average. And ones who also work hard in a job, or a sport, or school don't usually get the recognition they deserve.
The whole young cast of Harry Potter carry themselves very well in their public persona. Like my own kids they are very knowledgeable about networking, the net, and all the new places to be plugged into for information.

My day is spent working in the studio, and learning from my kids what I need to know to survive in this instant message, instant order, instant buy, instant info world of the internet.
I am now plugged-in to web feeds, news feeds, info feeds and technology feeds.
I watch the stars who go the extra step to connect with the people at large. I am fascinated by their networking skills and the savvy they have about using social networking sites to instill this blanket relationship with the fans. It is very brilliant! No one can sell YOU like YOURSELF.

Our kids generation already knows you have to connect with your fans or clients, you have to use everything at your disposal to do it too! Gone is the day of just hanging out your placard over the door of the shop and waiting for folks to become nosy and mosey in. Now you are expected to be available to a world greater than THE BLOCK.

It has been a thrill learning from Feltbeats and Tom Felton about this, as much as it is for me to constantly learn from my own kids. These days my kids (well young men of 21 and 23) are my teachers and tutors, and they keep me learning THE NEW every day. I stay fresh by watching feeds from crafters and from young folks IN THE KNOW like Feltbeats and Tom Felton.

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