Monday, July 06, 2009


Well July is here!
I am celebrating the summer with some amazing deals for the smart shopper.
So as a treat to my customers I have done something really awesome!
I have created a SNEAKY SALE.

For my SNEAKY SALE I have made some items FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE!
I know this is very non-conventional, but it is really designed for the smart shopper.

I will stand behind what I say the postal costs are for each individual item. And for the smart shopper depending on how they create their multiple order they may get amazing savings on shipping cost for multiple items and they could get a real awesome bonus by getting an insured post item way cheaper than their individual shipping cost. So please think about what your first item is.....If its shipping cost is zero dollars then your second item will only be the cost it is to ship as a second piece(which could be as low as one dollar, which on the miniature collectibles is a huge savings of up to $14.00 on one item!)
(I will always send the items that are to be insured as an insured item no matter what because they are collectibles. I will absorb the postal costs when you order in the SNEAKY way!)
I hope I have not been too cryptic about the deals.
Any questions? Please contact me through Etsy conversations before you order if you are confused.

I just added several of my new 2009 scarf collection designs to my Hand Knit section. Have a look at these amazing colours and textures! All the scarfs are FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE ITEMS!
Click a thumbnail to see details.

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