Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I Have Become A Correspondent For The Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince, Toronto, Live Junket

Today is Alex's birthday. He is 23 years old today.

I am going to miss his birthday dinner because I got a last minute opportunity to cover the Toronto HP live junket.

I will get home for cake.
Watch my twitter feed (@WitchAmy) for live tweets this afternoon and evening. See my Facebook (Lynn Lundy Tucker) for the first pics and vids from my mobile phone.

I want to thank MTV for working so hard for us to get me a last minute press pass, and to Feltbeats for asking if I could do it.

Of course it is live so I cannot predict how it all will fly, but I will do my best.
Tom Felton is doing two live events today in Toronto. I am covering MTV Live at the Masonic Temple.
Tom will be at Much On Demand live
both events are available online.

My job is to take as many meet and greet photos of Tom with his fans at the Meet and Greet, and at the Red Carpet if possible, and to try to get a video comment from Tom.

Watch my twitter for last minute changes

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