Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tom Felton Day In Toronto!

Me in my Press Get-up

Today was Tom Felton's ( Draco Malfoy ) press junket in Toronto for Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.
It was a whirlwind day for Tom and his lovely girlfriend Jade, landing at the Toronto airport to be picked up by this amazing ride!
Tom took this pic and sent it out.
A bit of Video I took for you

He then zipped to Much On Demand to do their live show at 5PM on Queen Street in Toronto.
Then he had only a half hour window to get from Queen street W of Yonge to Yonge and Davenport (which is about 8km away on a good day, but today there was construction everywhere and the route was much longer) so Tom was running late. He arrived around 6:15PM to MTV live at the old Masonic Temple Concert Hall. He was whisked through the security doors away from the paparazzi and into the studio.

In preparing for the late arrival MTV live decided to move up a band to the stage and have them play first. They tore up the set and moved the floor fans out of their place. Then suddenly they could see Tom's vehicle coming closer to the building through the security cams and in 1 min they replaced the set and had everyone back in place ready for the interview.

Only two press photographers were allowed into the site, Me and the MTV national photographer. I got to pick where I would work. I chose the balcony.(my pictures are below)

I got to meet Tom and Jade after the show, we got to speak for a minute. They both greeted me with a handshake and a cheer for Feltbeats. Tom's smile was ear to ear. I think it was just because he could recognize a name in the crowd that was familiar (Feltbeats his Fan Site).
Tom and Jade wanted to stop for a live shot we could post fast but the PR person could not allow them the time. They had to rush off to do an autograph signing at another location.Late, Late, Late...

Tom looked very fine in comfy jeans, a nice T and a blazer, sporting a fine sage coloured ascot.
Jade was demure in a two piece skirt suit-white with blue piping.
Tom looked fresh and his eyes danced with excitement.

Tom did not disappoint. He was his cheerful and social self. He really is so professional under such constraints of time that a junket has, and he is so professional with the media. He made their job easy.

It is too bad Toronto could not get to spend a little more time with this really great couple. Their hospitality suits Toronto's hospitality. I hope they will try to come to Toronto when their time is more their own. When you travel for business it isn't all that cool. It is hard work to do this stuff jet-lagged, without the reward of getting to see sites and absorb the culture LOL

I want to thank MTV's Publicity associate Ashley Applebaum for going out of her way to accommodate a last minute press photographer pass for me on behalf of Feltbeats.
I want to thank Feltbeats Admins for working with me tirelessly for a 1wk period before the Junket to co-ordinate retrievals and feeds and certification letters etc.
The day was a great time for me. I offered to do it for The Deathly Hallows too. So perhaps we will do this again in the near future! :)

Site of MTV Live in Toronto

Fans waiting to get into the venue

A quick cell phone shot for Feltbeats Live Feed
Tweeted and Facebooked mid show

Next two shots are just the area outside the venue for Tom's Records

Funny Little Pillow beside the Host with Tom's photo on it

These photos below are my shots of the interview

The Lower Studio Deck

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