Saturday, February 27, 2010

Conclusion to : Tedious!

My friend sent me a note in comment to the last "Tedious" post. I am going to share my answer to his question, and I think you will find it interesting....

Do you find that gifted mediums in general have health challenges like this?
I have read about famed mediums in the past having health issues.

I wonder also because another friend of mine who lives out on the east coast and is psychically gifted also has had to fight tooth and nail with her health..............


Within the circle of mediums I know, and have known, it is often the case that those that do energy work also seem to have multiple health issues.
Some of the folks who are watching the "crystal children" surmise that the energy workers are all "crystal children", and they don't fair well in the modern world. Their bodies are not built for a life of convenience, their bodies are old fashioned and thrive on a life of very physical means.
Folks who have the gift of being able to work with energy could also always need to stay in-tune with the earth vibrations, and it is very hard to do this constantly in this instant gratification society.
Some people have akinned us to those who do space travel. After going into space the folks age inside-prematurely, so I guess when you slide between the plains of existence your body ages on the inside prematurely... :)

Others believe energy workers cause their own ailments by taking on too much negative energy jabs from folks while they do energy work.
Sort of like absorbing the energy as we all do, but then failing to filter it well. I can also agree with this idea, as I was trained as a healer and medium so I know how to take precautions for self-preservation, yet I also know that I am still human and I am not perfect. So for sure I could have let my guard down a few times and absorbed, instead of filtered someone else's energy.....I also know I have been in the presence of other energy workers who were malcontent and have used their energy for negative purposes, and that too will have a toll on my health.

It still comes down to the belief of faith that: you only are ever given that which you are capable of handling.
Also when energy workers give out positive they get positive back. I get tons of positive back and it it shows in how I am able to cope and lessen the severity of the ailments, and how I am able to be able to always swing anything into a positive.

If you look at the big picture of the ailments plaguing energy workers seem to fall into one area.

If you are an energy worker you may want to pay attention to this:

Most energy workers I know personally all have an auto-immune disease.
Auto-immune diseases are like being allergic to the world. Our disease fighting mechanism within our body gets bad signals from our body and reacts to everything in an extreme way, and the residual effect is the auto-immune disease.
Within the body the systems that are effected by auto-immune disease are often also paired with our glandular body as well: so, our glands that make hormones that pass the messages on throughout the body, and also our lymph nodes that act as our body filters and push out all of the bad stuff from our bodies.....
All these componenents are all about how our body processes info and moves energy throughout our body and filters out all the bad stuff......

The glands that produce hormones or chemical signal makers:

thalmus(-more obscure)
thymus(-more obscure)
adrenals(on kidneys)

Filters and Excreters go together for without one the other cannot exist and they too are effected:

sinus-common problem for the populous
adenoids-common problem for the populous
tonsils-common problem for the populous
saliva ducts
tear ducts
pancreas (as it is an excreter of enzymes as well as a hormone insulin)
the lymphatic system is all under our skin, plus its main glands run from our head to our groin in two lines and in those lines are our breasts and our testicles or ovaries, which end the line of lymph nodes
(if the lymphatic system is reactive then it too increases the risk of arthritis)

basically we are hard-wired genetically for a lot of these system weaknesses, so it could be surmised that energy workers abilities could be as much a genetic flaw as the genetic flaw that afflicts their bodies making them allergic to the world....

Another thought on this is another theory that "crystal children" have a strong collective unconscious and share their energy in the collective........well if this is true at all then we would all probably also weaken collectively....and I hope this theory does not pan-out and be found fact. That would be horrid!

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