Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hotz is Hot on Tour In Canada!

In the late fall I was so excited to once again score some awesome tickets to see our favorite Canadian Comic, Jeremy Hotz. The tickets were for this past Friday. He played Massey Hall in Toronto.

Of course the first big snow of 2010 ended up falling the night before the show and into the morning of the show! We wouldn't want Jeremy to miss out on snow and slush when he winter's up here in Canada instead of in his now home of California.

We are pretty big fans!
And on Friday night Jeremy announced to his publicist that we are his oldest fans. I am certain Carl and I are not the most elderly seeing JH and I are the same age and Carl is only a bit older, so I am going to believe he meant his longest standing fans. I can handle that label.

It was wonderful to be able to take the photo of Jeremy and I from last year when I got to present him with his mini Sam for JH to autograph.

Mini Sam is a needle felted replica of his dog. Jeremy gifted me a signed DVD, and he signed my copy as well. Jeremy signed the photo too. So now I can put it up on the wall with the others.

(the shots of us and Jeremy were taken by Shannon from The Official Jeremy Hotz Fanpage.)

My wall of fame consists of shots of my Husband Carl being promoted by Prince Andrew and stage shots of my Son Cam when he sang in the indy metal band Fall The Loss,

and several years of shots with Jeremy Hotz, plus one photo of Vicky Sunohara
sitting on my parent's front porch with Mom and Dad and her Gold Metal!

Beside that wall is a shelf of videos which include "Three Men And A Baby" that has my older Son Al featured in the swimming scene. My whole world of vicarity and it completely surrounds my I guess we will have to consider JH an honorable member of the family!

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TorAa said...

The only part here familiar to me is the movie: Three men and a Baby.

I must admit I loved the orginal French version.
The American, on the other hand, was really a dissappointment.
Cultural difference, I believe.

Have a great week