Friday, February 26, 2010

Continued: Tedious!

By nature I am a helper.
I will come to the aid of those who need it, and by the nature of my faith the aid that I give is a bit different than the usual helper role.
I am a medium. I talk to the dead.
I walk the realm between and speak to those who have passed on to aid those who need support on this plain of existence.
I also walk the realm between to give healing aid to folks.

I don't talk about this much as it is my faith, and it is something really personal to me and a gift I have been blessed with.
The question always comes up when a healer gets sick, or a psychic gets sick......"Could you not heal yourself?"
Sure I can! That is why I am still standing today instead of curled up in a hole somewhere feeling all sorry for myself! I am living life on no major pain meds. When others with the problems I have would be on morphine. I take an anti seizure medication called Lyrica which aids as a nerve pain duller. I take the pills before bed and usually take no others in the day. And I am dealing with a frozen shoulder, two seriously cystic ovaries, chronic arthritis and chronic pain from a neurological injury, and my daily pain regiment is a combo of one nortriptyline to help the lyrica work and one or two lyrica at bed.
The self healing work has carried me on a daily average with the meds above...
I also have super fast healing times and I shouldn't cuz I am a diabetic!
I also keep my spunky and happy attitude because my spiritual ways make my outlook way different. I keep seeking a new normal rather than pout over things I can no longer do.
I can't fix me because my genes are what they are, but I can definitely use my abilities to improve my quality of life and improve beyond medical experts expectations!

I also get asked, "If you are psychic, then could you not predict that you were going to have these medical issues?"
I think this is an awesome question!
Since I was a child there have been landmark years in my life that I have not looked forward to. Unfortunately there were key ages that came up to me as a child that were ones I needed to pay attention to, and so far these years have been right on within a few months of my original dates and definitely right within the predicted seasons.
The part that is a bit surprising to me right now is the kidney thing. My spidey senses always tugged towards the kidney disease as the killer for me. So the kidney's coming to play right now instead of later in my life when I saw it in my vision, could be now laying the foundation for the outcome I saw in my mind's eye when I was young.

So the question now comes down to choice.
Do I choose to allow this kidney business to dominate my world, or do I work spiritually to enhance my medical conditions for the positive, to change the kidney outcome-if I can?
I would vote to change it!
So I will work toward working on my body from within for the next 5 wks (like psychic boot camp). And if all my work cannot change the outcome for my kidneys all of the work will enhance my body to give it the best healing times and best recovery possible and probably buy my kidney's a bit more time to run on their own steam. So nothing is ever lost....

So now you are hearing the new stuff....
As of today I am booked for emergency surgery to now take my two ovaries. The second ultra sound revealed both ovaries are cystic, and the Dr. is worried about losing my right kidney post op. So he is asking the Urologist to not only do a repair of the leak in my urethra, he now wants a stint put into the right kidney to help buy it some time, as the surgeon thinks the Uritor between the kidney and bladder may need to be compromised to take out the ovary.
So the procedure will go like this: full-on surgery with at least an NG tube. Re-excision of the VIN site to check for that edge they didn't get, mesh sling support for urethra at valve site for leak, kidney stint, and hopefully laproscopic surgery to remove two ovaries. But the lap. surgery could become a full slice in the gut if the scar tissue is too dense.

Surgery Date at the moment is April 4th in the AM with a 1-4 day stay in hospital.

I have a risk of losing my right kidney and possibly some bowel in the worst case situation.
Best case is the ovaries come out easy and without complication and the most uncomfortable I would feel would be from gas pains.....

If you want to be updated more regularly on the health issues, I am guaranteed to update my facebook these days, so you can join my facebook (look at the side bar for my facebook updates and join there).
I am really in the early stages of typing since being down for 6 months now with the frozen shoulder, so I don't promise to be consistent on the blog yet. I can update facebook from my phone if I have to.

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