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I want to fill everyone in on the events that I didn’t get a chance to speak about in my other posts.
Actually a great number of things have taken place for our family this June.
Hopefully I will be able to remember all that happened.

At the beginning of this month Alex and I started the template for the new Web Site:, and .
It is a bit slow-going getting all the information compiled, and making the true template for the site.
Alex finally has the template the way he wants it, so it is my turn to compile more lists.
It is amazing what kind of research has to go in to the creation of a Portal.
All of the folks I contacted for permission to list them have been very supportive.
I hope that we can have the template and data management portion of the sight running by the end of the month. But I won’t get too upset if it takes longer.

The big news is this story I will tell you that will shock you a bit, and if you are like us you will cheer.
Last fall I asked Cameron to apply for College, even though he decided early that he wanted to return to high school for what we call a grade 12 return. (this is done by students in Ontario who wish to take multiple University or College pre-requisites to keep a greater range of doors open to them for post-secondary education)
My idea was that to go through the registration process and to have the experience of the screening process would be valuable to Cameron, so he wouldn’t freak out next year with the idea of the “unknown” of screening and registration.

Cameron applied to one course in one school. He applied to Seneca College on the York University campus. The courses in this college can be bridged into a University degree at a later time. Cameron applied to Radio Broadcasting. In February (I believe) we went to the college for Cameron to take part in the Orientation, and General Knowledge testing event.

At that Orientation they were also asked to bring a resume if they had any experience that applied to their program. If they didn’t have a relevant resume they were asked not to bring one.

Cam’s resume covered all the stuff he had done with his band that was relevant to the course. Meeting with agents, marketing band T-shirts and show tickets, working with a recording studio, teamwork planning of scheduled band practices and play schedules. Plus he was on the music counsel this year at school. He also has a certificate of completion from Humber College in Stand up Comedy.

Cam came out of the orientation a bit jaded and felt down about the process. They told them that 3000 people had applied for his course that took- like 40 students. And that the general knowledge test weighed heavily for acceptance. Cameron felt that he didn’t do well on the test, so he would not get in.

On June 8th Cam was accepted into the Radio Broadcasting program!
But unfortunately he does not want to take the course. He began to seek out other interests when he felt there was no chance for him to get into Broadcasting, and had begun to look at production engineering instead. And in early May he had settled in his mind that music production engineering was the way he wanted to go. So as far as we know, to when this is posted, Cam is turning down the Broadcasting program invitation.

Carl and I are very proud of Cameron reguardless of what he chooses. I told him that he should take this information with him in his heart when he applies for his new class of College courses in the late fall of this year. Just knowing he “has the right stuff”,to get in to a program as difficult as broadcasting is to get into, should make him very proud.

Alex has successfully made his transition from University to College for next fall. He finished his first year of University with great marks, and received early acceptance into Sir Sandford Flemming College, still in Peterborough. So Alex will be taking Computer Web Design, and he may add another computer course to that too. Interesting to change Classical History into Wrapping in code.

Both kids seem quite satisfied with their choices. I am very proud of them for thinking outside the box to make both of their decisions. It is so great to know they’ve got what it takes.

Big weekend Past and Big Weekend to come!

Big weekend past was Cam’s Prom.
Cam finally decided that being a rebel and not going to Prom was going to suck.
So he and his friend Sarah decided they would go together.
Sarah looked beautiful in a green dress styled in an old 30’s cut. A halter dress with a princess waist, long green satin. The princess waist was slightly decorated.
Cam wore his black suit and bought a new tie (cool tie of black with grey highlights) and new belt to add to the ensemble.
Cam said the meal was lovely. Stuffed chicken (with rice and spinach inside)
Cam also said he danced a lot!
A group of friends pooled their money together and they took a stretch limousine 4x4 to the prom.

The after prom party was split into 2 events.
The regular party that the majority of the school was going to was Wasaga Beach, and a more private party at a friend’s cottage in Huntsville.

Cameron’s friend Sarah went with all her gal pals to Wasaga Beach, and Cam was invited to the private cottage party in Huntsville.

“Fall The Loss” went to the private party. This group of kids and their friends are not into a big wild party. They didn’t like the rep the Wasaga Beach party had for bein’ really rowdy.
Mike, the band’s “lighting guy” was nice enough to have a party at his cottage. The Saturday after Prom Mike’s parents transported 8 friends to the cottage. All had the best time.

The same weekend as Prom was the official Stand-down of the Queen’s York Rangers Reserve troop in Aurora, Ontario. This has been the first event that Carl, Private Tucker could parade with his son Alex, Corporal Tucker. It was a great sunny day! Yet it was windy and cold.
Dad and myself and Cheryl all attended to watch them parade and inspection.

It was so awesome to watch Carl get inspected in the troop adjacent to Alex’s group.
Everyone was reminiscing about the past year events, and they were seeing off a few members that are on their way to Afghanistan in August.

Well even though it was cold out, Carl, Dad and I got sunburnt.
Everyone who knows me would realise that my skin is dark enough that I don’t burn.
But for some reason I got burned badly on my face and chest (must be my meds).
A few days after the burn I got a horrible pain in
my neck. Like hitting your funny bone pain that doesn’t stop.

It woke me up in the morning and would last all day.
On the third day I went to the pain specialist.
She told me that the damage to that nerve in my brain is deep within the dorsal horn, and this pain which is called (like) a neuro transference pain( I am hoping my guess of the title she used is close) proves the depth of the damage. And the darn pain was actually caused by a photo-reaction to the sunburn!
WOW! I am just wondering what other stuff will cause weird pains like that! It took three days for the pain to go away, but it is gone and I hope it is gone for good!
It looks like Carl will be “retiring” again soon. His company has downsized in two phases already with several hundred people being packaged off each time. And it looks as if Carl’s job will be phased out in the fall and he will be packaged off. I know Carl is looking forward to being packaged off this time. Not like last time when his part of the company was sold and they packaged him off (“retired him”)only to hire him in the other company to the same desk, same seniority and same job and staff. IT is poo poo these days.
Carl is looking forward to being able to choose anything for his next job. He may even choose a tasking in admin of the army. Alex is hoping his dad will join him in his Web Design Company that he already has going.
That brings us to summer jobs.
Cam has a job as a wing chef. He works for this pub that only sells chicken wings with a million flavour choices, fries, and salads. He is getting lots of hours.
Alex is a coffee guy. (I can’t remember what they call a person that makes expesso and cappuccino and iced coffee)
And he has his web design business too, plus doing all the music videos for Fall The Loss.
Early this month Alex and I video taped the “Brain Freeze” process for my Pain Specialist to show her patients so they wont be so worried about the procedure. That was cool.
Amber (Alex’s girlfriend) was here a few weeks in May. Her mom was back down on the transplant floor at Toronto General hospital on and off since February. This extended stay was to try to figure out why she lost a lot of weight and lost all her energy.
It is horrible to see someone feeling so crappy, and no one knows why. Amber would go almost every day to see her mom in the city, from our house in the country. Wendy improved a little bit while in hospital.
Then Amber had to go back home to Ottawa to do her work term (two weeks internship) for Forensic Science, at a lab that analyses documents. From what Alex told me, Amber found it interesting.
After her internship, Amber was ready to come back here to continue to visit her mom in the hospital. But at the last minute Wendy was released from the hospital and she got to go home. So Amber is home now too, to help her Mom conveless.
We wish Wendy a speedy recovery, so she can be strong enough to enjoy the beautiful summer by the Ottawa River.

Big Weekend to Come!

Our final note is a big stage show Fall The Loss is in on June 25th. They are finalists in The Band on The Run competition. The winner will be decided at Playdium on Saturday. This show is really important because the Judges are from Sony BMG and Coalition Entertainment, who usually want to sign bands that day.
It is an awesome day! $20.00 per ticket (no tickets at the door). For that money you get a two stage rock show with multiple bands(12 on the play bill) from Noon to close to midnight, plus a $25.00 Playdium (Mississauga ) arcade card for playing games, and a chance to see history for the best bands.
Fall the lost has already won battle of the bands and has placed in top 3 in many previous competitions, plus has the People’s Choice award behind their belt, to get this far. Most of the bands they are playing against have won as many awards in different competitions, so the quality of the players is HIGH.
The winner will get a Summer/Fall Ontario multi city tour, plus big labels will be there to sign bands if they like what they hear. This is an all ages show so the whole family can enjoy the day. The support for this show is quite important because if the band sells 50 tickets they get a lot of prizes and perks for the summer playing season.
If you live in the Toronto area you can email me or send a note in comments to purchase tickets.
I would say that Thursday is the last day for ticket sales by the band. (as they usually have to meet with the agents one or two days previous to the show to give the sales numbers). There is a map to Playdium at the bottom of this page.

So now we are all caught up!
Thanks again to everyone that participated in International Webloggers’ Day, and those that have network linked me and the other participants so we can all increase our net friendbase!
Have a great week!

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