Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday to Me! Yippee!

I am 43 today.
To celebrate my birthday I learned how to finally put graphic buttons as links in my sidebar!
I am celebrating two graphic button links. One for Blog Advance (it is the nice stamp), and one for the International Webloggers’ Day site.

I am so proud of myself.
I even personalised them by making the link open in a new browser window!

Thanks for the lesson Al!

I am not doing much on my Birthday today, because today is Cam’s graduation commencement.
He picked up his cap and gown Tuesday, and he is all set to receive his diploma.

I asked Carl if we could postpone my Birthday celebration ‘till Saturday, when my folks can come and visit.


Just a little note:
Even though we are all happy and celebratory I have to let everyone know that Wendy (Amber’s Mom) is very ill.
She is back in the hospital in Renfrew, and she has pneumonia.
Her body is shutting down.
We are very guarded in our hopes for her recovery this time.
Wendy has been very strong and has really had an upwards hill to climb since her double lung transplant.

Wendy has also been able to do some things she only hoped to do before her tansplant. She saw her older daughter Wed last summer, and she travelled out West to visit relatives.

Now we pray she is comfortable and relaxed. The doctors are doing all they can to keep her comfortable.
Our prayers are going out for Wendy and her family.

I hope this poem shares Wendy’s story with you.
Please remember it is for folks like Wendy, we sign our organ doner cards.
In a gesture of respect please think about what it would be like for you if you required a transplant. Turn over your driver’s license and check the I Am An Organ Doner box.
If you don’t have that box on your drivers license please write a little note, and sign it and put it in your wallet. “I want to donate my organs. I wish to give the gift of life.”
And tell your family your wishes.

Wendy has never regretted getting two extra years and counting.
My prayers are with her, and I will still light the flame of hope.
My prayers are with her family.
They are very strong
Everyone likes to know others are thinking of them.

If you are gonna say prayers for Wendy and her family, please write them in comments and put your first name and where you are from in the comment, and I will give the pages to Amber.

Wendy is a friend I made
Because her daughter met my son
I never could have guessed
She would become a great friend
A kindred heart, she is one

Fate joins folks together to find a way
To make the path a bit calmer
When we get dealt cards we cannot face alone
We must let go and allow help to come
The universe will help us… because we matter

Three months… one woman…. and her mission
Our lives have been changed forever
Wendy in our life is amazing
A joy when her wish…it was granted
And succeed did her mission
To get new lungs like she wanted.

How one woman can be so courageous
So constructive, creative, and fun
Amazed us the first moment she came here
We would do anything for this one.

Crafty, romantic and mother
Each day she wove her magic
With threads, and yarn and cotton
Her fingers created her mood

Imagine being able to truly weave your words
Each stitch in a quilt told your story
Every item and piece she created
She has built to her own testimony

Amazed I am at all Wendy creates
Enthralled by her stories and fun.
Her imagination makes me laugh

I will never forget,
Those photos of her cats,
In my mind

How patient she is to create such a show
For every month her cats dressed in costumes you know
Most every outfit hand made with love for her pets
In a calendar that she created …..with no regrets

Maybe a costume isn’t your thing
Well Wendy has more it’s quite amazing
Lace doilies, blankets, quilts and flowers
How ‘bout the embroidery she works on for hours
Do you need a tip or a hint for a craft or a cake?

Oh didn’t I tell you?
Wendy also can bake!

Do you need a low fat choice for the meal you make?
From her file of true greats an awesome meal she can bake!
How about an old style sweet cake for your craving
Oh Wendy knows those too
Are you a dessert fiend? Are you waiting?

Wendy is smart, Oh Wendy has savvy
She knows lots of stuff’
If she shares you’ll be happy

She reads lots of things
Information she knows...
Got a question of general knowledge?
Quick as a whip Wendy’s answer goes

If her kids learned it, Wendy learned it first
Keeping current with her knowledge
For Wendy was a thirst

She loves to read, and craft, and cook
Proud of family, lover of pets
A great story teller with no regrets

For three months one year Wendy entered our life
And our life is forever changed
What has she left us?
Our home full of memories, our heads full of stories
Our life full of compassion…..
And the heart of her daughter to our son

If you want to send Wendy Well-wishes you can put them in the comments section of the blog and I will send them to Amber to read to her Mom.



RheLynn said...

Happy bithday Lynn!

Johann said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

I'm 38 and looking forward to 40. I know that sounds wrong, but I just am.

Have a fantastic day!

Lynn said...

Thanks for birthday notes RheLynn, and blog dog.

For those who dont see your comments here.... and I know of a few.

There is something wrong with my edit feature on my blog at this time. It is also interfering with some of the comment moderation, and I am not getting your comments to moderate in my email.

Please be patient. I hope blogspot will kill the gizmo attacking my back door so I can access all my controls and edits.

You can try to send the comment again, and maybe I will get it this time.


Ron Southern said...

Happy Birthday, if you can find it!

郑重-Ali said...

happy birthday .although it is to later to say it . hte day bedofore i was busy prepareing for my exame.i think you had had a good day .for i saw there are many people .give regard to you

Geoff May said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry it's a bit late, been offline for awhile. Hope you had a good one though!

Ronald Allan said...

Belated happy birthday, and many more to come! :-)