Saturday, June 17, 2006

Oh Daddy!

Dad was born in 41
Lil and Ernie’s only son

In infancy he lost his Dad
That darned old world war was so bad

He lived his childhood in “Cabbage Town”
On the east side of “the Don”

Five women this only boy did raise
He was good
They could give him nothing but praise

As each day passed in childhood
He found at sports he was very

Hockey, Football, Baseball, Lacross
Didn’t matter what sport
He was boss

In the hockey days of yore
From age 7 to 16
That’s for sure

And when inside his 16th year
A beauty he did spy

Like ballet on the ice she flowed
Skating circles for the crowd

And Fell in love this boy did do
And Fell in love the girl did too

He pledged himself to uphold the law
And pledged himself to girl without flaw

Visit each day in his uniform
A broad strong cop from him reborn

A few years they did court and then
In ’61 Wedding Bells tolled for them

The girl and boy had a child
Not telling if she was soft or wild

He loved his wife and his baby girl
And the years flew by in crazy swirl

Buy a house and get a dog
Everyone is set

Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall
A hobby for each season

Skiing, Fishing, Camping, Golfing,
Hunting in the woods

And his little girl went too
Like he knew she would

Time passed by and the little girl
Had to leave the nest

When she went
away To work in the Forest
Dad hugged her to his breast

When she was courted by his friend
A happy man was he

And when his friend ask for his child’s hand
His heart was filled with glee

To the Wedding he did go
To guide the Bride down the row
People gathered afore them

A few years passed and his Bride-child told him
That she would have a baby

In these years he did run
A Master of his lodge

Surrounded by his In-Law Son
And the father of that man

They serve within the Fellowcraft
Built men They must be

And he was such a happy man
When his grandchild was a boy

Boy Oh Boy!
A cute little boy

A Grandchild he could counsel
And teach this child the fun of life
And love him with all his heart

When a second boy was born to her
A happy man was he

This one was the comic child
And Papa laughed indeed

Everything that Papa did
The little boys did too

Fishing, Golfing each day long
Hangin with the”Big Guy”

Now his grandsons are both men
And his little girl much older

Within his eyes we see his pride
So pleased he is with what he sees
A family all around him

Strong and Sturdy Childish Fun
Old Man perpetually 12

Let me introduce you to my Dad

My one and only one

His child would be me

Happy Father’s Day Dad !
Love Lynn



chumly said...

Wow! Your dad is one of the original Cabbage Patch Kids! I always thought those dolls were just toys. My daughter loves them.

Richard said...


Terrific, thanks, GreaT Memories.

Richard(Dad) {Papa]

Lynn said...

Dad was an original Cabbage Patch kid!
In Toronto, Ontario Canada there is a place called "Cabbage Town"
It is named so because all of the ethnic people came there to live after the war.
It is alot like New Jersey.
It is separated by the city center by a large river called the Don.
Houses close together and garages in an allyway behind.
Imagine old wooden houses, will all floors and attics occupied by people.
Four generations of one family living in the house, like my Dad's family.
Back gardens grew vegetables, and there was a market in every neighbourhood.
When my Dad was twelve his mom remarried, and his Step Father was a milk man.
He delivered milk by horse and buggy.
The show Degrassi Jr. High was filmed at my Dad's elementary school.
Degrassi street really exists and it is in Cabbage town.
It was where the poorer imagrants lived in the '40's and 50's
Now it is THEE Place to live for young executives.
Part of Cabbage Town has become a little Asia.
Toronto is really proud of its ethnic communities.
We even make our street signs in English, and in the ethnic language of the neighbourhood.


Lynn said...

Thanks Dad.

It was fun makin the slideshow and the poem.

I saved the pics from when Alex did his video presentation on you.

Happy Father's Day Dad (Richard)

Love Lynn

charles ravndal said...

Very nice poem and also Happy Father's Day to your dad!

Lynn said...

Thank you Charles.
My Dad and Husband had a very happy BBQ day for Father's Day.