Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fall The Hawk


Band on the Run Show


Fall The Loss

This week has been one wild week.
Al is already working on the Official Logo Changes for the Fall The Loss web site.

Dustin has been re-mixing the Horch recordings.
And the final clean up of the Album cuts at the Pro Studio are on slot for Dustin to clean with Andy.

The Huge gossip this week was over Cam’s choice of transformation.
After 3 years of having the longest Mohawk ever
Cam decided to Fall The Hawk

Friday marked his day of transformation.
Graham took Cam into Tonyc Spa and prepped Cam for the royal pruning.

Graham saved the hair for Cam.
Originally Cam wanted to donate the Hawk to make a wig for a kid going through chemotherapy, but Graham explained to Cam that even though the hair was long enough, there wasn’t enough strands to make a wig.
So we opted to keep the hair strands as souvenirs of a Cam past.
(or at least until he’s a superstar, then we can sell it strand by strand on Ebay with the official pictures of proof!)


Saturday was the finals of the “Band on the Run” competition at the Playdium entertainment centre in Toronto. There were 12 bands fighting for the coveted FIRST PLACE chance at a summer/fall tour of Ontario.
Alas, Fall The Loss did not come in 1st. They are in a final (online) vote for the People’s Choice awards. [for 5 days you can vote for them by signing up to Supernova (, log in, then goto Concerts, Past Shows, Ontario, Canada, Playdium, June 24, 2006. Click the button beside Fall The Loss on the play list to vote. You can also rate the band by clicking on their name, and add yourself to the fans list.] You get one vote per day ‘till next Friday.

Good news is there was someone there with a professional photographer. They were writing in a book and calling people on the phone to hear Fall The Loss play on the phone, as the photographer wound her way all around the stage taking photos.

This is a promising event.

The live show Fall The Loss put off was awesome. The sound was great! The fans in the Mosh pit stirred up a lot of dust (literally) at this outdoor event!

Fall The Loss debuted their newest song, STALE, at this show. It was a hit! This new song is a long melodic tune. It is another proof of the versatility of the band. There is no doubt they are absolutely the best instrumentalists in the Indy, Ontario, Metal scene.

The fans were trying to convince the show agents to let Fall The Loss play an extra song, by cheering one more song, one more song, one more song!

But due to the technical difficulties earlier that day (the first stage generator blew up) Supernova needed to cut every band’s play by 10 min to accommodate the backlog, that having one stage only, created. Thus the fans were not able to be appeased by an extra song.

Fall The Loss’s fans know all of their songs by heart. They download them from the Web Site and learn every nuance of the song. They expect to hear all of their faves, plus at least one new song a show.

Fall The Loss has not disappointed their fan base. They write 7 days a week. They have a full band practice at least 6 hrs a week. There are teams of players and writers (which are all band members) that meet and practice specific parts throughout each week. And then the recording and mixing goes on with every free minute they have, after and before work and school.

These guys juggle full-time secondary and post-secondary education, full and part-time jobs, and until June 22nd also were committed to a Wind Ensemble Band and The Music Counsel at school. Each member of the band are masters of multiple instruments; and Chris is well sought after professional guitar instructor.

Practice schedules included Monday Night Fall The Loss, Wednesday Night Repertoire and Wind Ensemble, two other nights a week for Andy’s Recording of the Fall The Loss Master, and all their jobs in between. Plus song writing sessions, guitar piece development by Chris and John; and Ben would travel almost three hours, by car, back to his hometown from his University town for the Shows, recording, and New Song Practices all year.

These guys are dedicated to their Band. They do a great job of supporting each other.
Their Fans are their biggest support structure.
There were several fans that helped sell tickets to the Saturday show, and many friends purchased tickets even though they couldn’t come to the Playdium concert. Many of the fans participated in the Relay for Life all night relay for Cancer charities the night before the Band on the Run event.

Fall The Loss is planning a huge summer of concerts for 2006. Don’t forget to check the Fall The Loss web site to keep up with the concert dates.

Slide Show:
click on the picture of the band to see the slideshow:



charles ravndal said...

Oh just seeing this makes me envious coz presently I am looking for a band that needs a vocalist here. And he looks much handsomer with his hair being short. I got your message and actually signing up on your forum while typing this comment as well. TC

Lynn said...

Hey Chas,

Umm How close to the border of Sweden are you? I may know someone with a band.
He flips over between Norway and Sweden all the time because his place is in Norway, but his Mom lives in Sweden, and he will Caravan when he is at his Mom's place.
Thanks for signing up.