Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Am Embarrassed That I didn’t Get A High Enough World Cup Fever

A quick note from one of my Friend in Bochum, Germany and I realised that I don’t have enough World Cup Fever. I guess I have World Cup hypothermia. :(

This is part of the note from my pal Andre, who writes for, which inspired me:

Hallo Amy,
………………The thing is because of the WM 2006 I have to do quite a lot. Its such a big event here you can’t believe possibly. In this morning for example I’ve seen some Mexican soccer fans in Essen on the way to Gelsenkirchen where Mexico plays against Germany. On Monday I’ve seen myself a match between Togo and Suisse. Imagine even this match has been sold out
(which meant 65,000 spectators).
And the weather is great! One really feels as a sort of host towards all this fans. In Gelsenkirchen alone today 35 000 fans from Mexico! ………………..

Greetings André

This is so amazing.

I remember being in Germany during World Cup celebrations in the past. People singing Football chants on the train platforms. If you couldn’t go away to a match you were at the pub with your friends. And of course being able to drink your giant can of beer on any of the trains is such a benefit, as opposed to having to end the party at the door of the pub. :)

The first night I arrived in Germany was my first experience with Football fever. Here is me the funky little Canadian chick trying her best to use her German, and I get to the platform of the train to find crowds and crowds of folks singing in a drunken slurr. Strangers are hugging me and they serenade me with team songs. I am so confused. When 30something guys drink heavily at bars or pubs here in Canada, they usually want to fight in a brawl. They absolutely don’t want to hug me and serenade me! So I found out that Germans are very friendly while drunk! :)

The world knows Canada for Hockey. Big strong guys like Eric Lindros who could slam an opponent into the boards with the ferocity of a rhino.
Unfortunately Canada really doesn’t get any world recognition for Soccer (Football).
We haven’t made it to the Fifa World Cup since 1986. Gaaaaa! 20years already!

Canadian children start Football as their first team sport. Football first, then T-ball (baseball for little kids with the ball resting on a stick for the child to strike with a bat), then Hockey and/or Figure Skating.

Toronto is only now building their first National Football stadium.
On May 11, 2006 the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (runs Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey), and the Major League Soccer group have announced the formation of The Toronto FC. Our National Soccer Team. Also a new National Soccer stadium is being built on the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) grounds.

This is very exciting!
The stadium design is perfect for Toronto, and its location is pretty much right where the old CNE grand stand was located (which has been demolished for many years). This will bring back life to our fairgrounds and add another stadium venue. And most of all bring a national pride of Football to Canada.

You all realize that we call it Soccer here, and American Football is called football here. Yet, because we are so ethnically diverse, all Canadians understand soccer is Football to everyone else except those on the North American continent. So I will refer to my soccer as Football here.

I would really enjoy National Football Matches adjacent to Lake Ontario.
I am more of a live fan than a TV fan.
I am so proud of some of my students who have attained A-class Football team standings, as well as National team standing. I remember when I was a teen, many of my classmates hoped to be signed to a European team. No one ever dreamed of being signed to a Canadian team.

I am surprised that we are so behind, and chuckled at, for our Canadian Soccer Stars. And of course, right now there have been a few British Boos for the lone Canadian bloke on the British team.

If Toronto wants to be recognized as a World Class City that can accept huge events like the Olympics, we will have to show a greater presence in the team events that draw large crowds.
No doubt at all that the Toronto Football stadium will fill to capacity,( which is 20,000 seats), just like the Hockey Games sell out and the Basket Ball games sell out

Toronto is very team proud. And one more National team will ensure that there is a better chance for our kids to play on a World Class Canadian team in the World Cup of Soccer, rather than for a European team. Yippeee! Oh Canada!

I will wear team colours and I will paint my face. I would make funny Canada clothes for my doggy to wear. In the mean time I will wear the Toronto Football team colours, Red and Grey/Black. So I am practicing my cheer-leading, “Go FC, Go FC, Go Go Go!”[pom poms flying].

Ok, time to ask the big questions:

1) Is your World Cup fever high?


2) Or do you have World Cup hypothermia?

3) What team colours are you wearing?



Official Toronto FC Website

News Highlight about Toronto FC ready to roll 2007

The design model of our new stadium



Andre said...

Ok see you when Germany plays against Canada in the Ruhrstadium in Bochum :)

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chumly said...

In the process of moving and World Cup is on hold for now. Keeping me informed on your site is the best I can do. Thanks.

Lynn said...

You know Chumly.
It is like really neat present to get your comments in email.

SpyCgirl said...

Wow! You have filled me in about the World Cup. I pay attention to NO sports! Thanks. Love your blog.:)