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Happy International Webloggers' Day!

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I have shared my feelings on transplants before. My personal experiences with the transplant community have changed my life forever.

In honour of International Webloggers’ Day I want to direct you all to the Blog of my friend Merv Sheppard.

Merv is a Blogger who has an agenda. I believe it is a calling, and all that know him will agree with me for sure. He is well liked within the transplant community. If he has some that are a little put off with him, it is problably from those who’s hands are tied by the privacy laws our Medical community must adhere to, and this is understandable.

All of my references in this post about transplants are dedicated and directed to those within the heart, and lung transplant community in Toronto General Hospital.

Merv is also a transplant recipient. Since his recovery he has dedicated his life to being the communication conduit between Transplantees, their Caregivers, and their Families and the community at large.

Merv spends every moment championing the cause for Organ Donation and Transplant awareness. He does his best to touch by the life of every pre and post operative Transplantee who walks into the doors at Toronto General Hospital. He works hard to chronicle the life and death of each patient on the Transplant floor.

Merv tells their story when they have no voice to tell it themselves, he has opened his heart to share every life passing with each worn Family.

There are days that are so joyful that all want to share. There are celebrations and fundraisers to make all aware. Merv will write about it.

Merv has the utmost respect for all his brothers and sisters in the transplant community and he gives his time for them.

He is not the only person who is dedicated to this cause. He has a ring of other Champions that do their own thing along side him. But all turn to him to make sure everyone has the message we all share. In time I will tell you all about the others as well.

I first met Merv in the spring of 2004. Wendy Olson (my lovely Transplantee friend) and I were sitting and resting in the coffee corral on the main floor of the new wing of Toronto General Hospital. One of our three gruelling days a week (pre-transplant), we were putting in for clinical studies or “Treadmill Room” physiotherapy.

This small, senior man came bouncing into the area and homed in on us. He was making his contact. “Hello. I am Merv Sheppard. I am a Tranplantee and I would like to take your picture, and ask you a few questions. I have a newsletter I write for the lung transplant group.”
AAARG ! How would he know we were in the Transplant unit? Oh……….I guess Wendy walking around with an oxygen tank is pretty obvious. LOL

Perky, smerky man full of life and chitchat. Catches you off guard when you are suffering through another gruelling transplant day, to take your picture. Who was that silver haired mild mannered reporter? Merrrrrrrv Sheppppaaaard!

It wasn’t until that night we realised what Merv capturing us on film meant.
He sent us each an email with our pics in it.
Along with the pics was a brief explanation of Merv’s Newsletter mission.
One quick email reply and we were a part of The Network.

Wow! Suddenly Wendy and I were attached to the info sight we had been looking for.
Routed to every associate that was doing SOMETHING for the transplant cause.
Newsletters, calendars, updates on Transplantees’ conditions, new innovations in transplant care, therapy, treatments, and surgeries.
We have been updated on every situation that has arisen since.

If we needed to tell all the Transplantees about something we could email Merv.
If we want to help yell the transplant message to others, Merv will help us have a voice.

If we hear a rumour we stay tuned to Merv, cuz he will hunt down the truth.
If transplants make news, Merv shares the message.
If a Transplantee or Transplantee Family has an issue that other patients can relate to and maybe help with, Merv informs us.

Not all of the Transplantees are well. Some are just OK. Some can’t get back to Toronto to participate in Tranplant Fundraisers, BBQs, Dinners, Super Fabulous Announcements from the Transplant Doctors, Bake Sales and Marathons. An endless amount of events. Merv works very hard to chronicle these events in photos to share with those who can’t be with everyone. This makes us all feel like we participated.

In June 2004 Wendy Olson received her transplant, and my job as a support person ended with the passing of the torch to her family for Wendy’s recovery. We share our joy for Wendy’s life.
And now, as time passes and Wendy is still with us, we thank God every day that the miracle of life has touched us. Rebirth is Awesome!
But it is really hard to let go the buddies one makes through “The Treadmill Room” and we seek out Merv’s newsletter, and “Carepages” to catch up on our buddie’s health and well being.

When things don’t go so good we also seek out Merv who will stretch his arms out through the email once more to tell our friends what is happening.

It may sound sad and morbid to talk about death so readily, as Transplantees often do…..
But I think that the brave people who go through the steps towards, and receive transplants have earned the right to be as free as they wish about death, for they have touched the edge for many days in a row and have earned that battle stripe.

It is important for Transplantees to share the good and the rough with their brothers and sisters. Knowledge is power, and sharing the hard stories may save a life of a fellow Transplantee going through the same trials. Celebrating the life of a friend gives yours more meaning. And empathy goes very far among these warriors of life and death. Transplantees share a life changing experience that begins with illness and ends with a life of tests that none of them are ever spared from. Merv does an awesome job to help them yell this song the loudest.

Please take a moment now to say a prayer of thanks for people like Merv Sheppard.
Take a few moments from the rest of your day and look at his blog and explore his links.
Learn about things you really never thought of.
Smile, be proud, laugh and cry at what you see.

For He who writes
Writes out of Love
Love is Charity
Charity releases us all from bonds of this crazy world.

Maybe today YOU will see The Other Side.

Thank you Merv.
From the bottom of My Heart, and Her Lungs.

Lynn Tucker


Merv's Blog

My post on Legistlation to assume we are all donors


no milk said...

i have registered myself as a donor and it is through the efforts of people like merv that have touched me to do so...good luck on this endeavor and thanks a LOT for your totally hilarious and informative comments.

- paul

Lynn said...

Hey No Milk!

Thanks for the great comment.
I love your blog!
You inspire me. LOL


J said...

Quote: What we would like to know is how has Blogging effected you this past year? What have you learned by participating in the Blogging community? What did you find as negative within the blogging community? What direction do you think the Blogging community could aim towards in the next year? Do you like the voice you have in blogging? Are you in an active blogging network? What does your network do that you think is Unique?

Is this what we're supposed to post about for IWD? This'll be my 3rd year participating and this is the first I've heard of a certain subject being given and had planned on posting about something else (that came to me last night).

Thanks for the forum :)

no milk said...

thanks lynn! yours is not too shabby. good luck on it!

Lynn said...

Hi J,

Thanks for the note.
Oh no those are samples to get us started. You can speak about anything.
It only was what was thrown around when Al discussed it with me after talkin to Rio.
I just wanted to have a few questions people could ponder.
I am up for anything.
Thanks, Lynn

J said...

Thanks for the reply, Lynn and also the forum.

Pud said...

Happy Webloggers Day!

charles ravndal said...

hello lynn! did you hold a garage sale for all those clothes of yours? Well the time that I donated is actually blood before. Ive done it for like 3 times. Oh btw, thanks for dropping by on my blog as well. I like your blog as well! TC

Lynn said...

Thanks Charles,

I am still trying to figure out the clothes line.......(?)
I assume that you went through a slideshow or two.
My timeline slideshow chronicles my life for just over 25yrs. I guess I had 25 new outfits over that time. LOL
Donating blood is good! My husband has marked over 60 blood donations in his life.
Charles has a great food blog. And the set up is ingenious. Worth the travel to.


Lynn said...

Happy InWeDay to you too Pud!

chumly said...

Will keep Merv in my prayers. In Pa when you renew your drivers license you can register as a donor. Sorry I missed the June 14th date. Let me know when the next one is please.

Lynn said...

Nice to hear Chumly.

You should be able to sign on to the chat and leave a message to ensure that you will be contacted.

Just register and login and post.