Thursday, June 15, 2006

In the wake of International Webloggers’ Day

Well the picture here shows you what I looked like after three days of on and off blogging and administrating the official InWeDay forum. (with the help of Al) Tired Teddy

It was a lot of firsts for me.
I hope all I learned won’t get forgotten in my brain injury mind, but if it does I have this post to jog my memory with.

This was my FIRST time using a messageboard forum.

My FIRST time administrating a forum.

The FIRST time I kicked a “crawler” out of a forum.

The FIRST time I tried to write anything Spanish on the Net. (and if I called anyone anything dirty I apologise. I don’t really write Spanish, yet I can swear and order food in Portuguese)

My FIRST time falling asleep at my keyboard. (no I lied….I do it a lot)

My FIRST time experiencing “track back”, and “watch this forum”.(ways of knowing when new posts are put up-tells you in an email prompt)

My FIRST exposure to “Tiny URL.” (cool minifying tool for lengthy URLs)

My FIRST time having a meltdown when I can’t get the FORUM LOCKED sign off. (but let it be known I have many mini meltdowns over my blog template a lot of frustrated tears and swearing. Usually in the form of exasperated whimpers, fist shaking)

My FIRST personal pinning on a Frappr Map. (actually never saw Frappr before. Love it! When you read this go down to the bottom of my page and add yourself to the map)

My FIRST use of” Neo Tools”. (awesome flag putter-upper and shout out box. Please use the shout out message box by the flags.)

The FIRST time I wandered around the world by web in Real Time.

My FIRST experience seeing the “Rent my Blog” window.(interesting concept, allows me to be a voyeur on two blogs at once. (Umm has some point remuneration system.) Ahhhhh )

The FIRST time I ever really used my My Space to connect with folks.

The FIRST time I bookmarked so many things the bookmark list rolls over twice!

The absolute FIRST time I have ever sat at a meeting and I actually liked everyone sitting at the table.(yeah bloggers!)

The FIRST time I allowed a little pile of dirty plates build up at the side of my desk. (no I lied again. Wish that was true. No plates to see but this is my desk today after the big InWeDay Marathon. See all the sticky notes I have to write cuz my Memory glitch! And the pile of miscellaneous trash that built up.)

FIRST time I browsed a list of blog sites and didn’t “accidentally” find porn.(very good thing. I am not particularly against Porn but I am not fond of it. I just don’t get anything out of it. Kinda all the same, way not like real life, no sense seein it all if you can’t bloody well touch it anyhow! Not like I wanna touch it ……Its like if I was in the sanctity of my own home……wait I am in my own home! (as I trip over my random thoughts) Ahh Porn just sucks, and really fouls with the creative flow and all that jazz! Anyhow Jackie Chan and Brendan Fraser never did nudy shots, so I have no interest)

I am sure there are more firsts but I am drawing a blank.
I really had a blast these last days talkin to everyone, and reading blogs.

The consensus seems to be that we bloggers would like a theme for next year’s special day.
We also would like cards and flowers and candy (my new input) dedicated to the day.
For us Geeks it would be WAY bigger than Valentine’s day, and almost as big as COS play at a comic book convention, or a LAN party.

I am sure when Al gets his say he would want to have part of our celebrations a RPG LAN party.WHOOT!

See I am even sounding like a geek, and if you zoom on those desk pics you will notice tidbits of code( )

I want to put a Shout Out of Thanks to Rio, Al, J, RheLynn, Simran, Jon, Michelle &, Kathy , Deb, Nora(link en francais), Geoff, Azuka, Suzi &, Osquer42 and Queenzy for taking part in the InWeDay Forum.

Thanks to: Gennie, Ron Allan, Paul, J, Pud, Charles Ravndal, and Chumly for the shout outs and comments for InWeDay.

You can click on any of the names and see their blogs.


Ok your job should you choose to take it is:

1) Come up with a theme for the next International Webloggers’ Day.

2) Also come up with a theme for a real-life Webloggers’ Party.

3)And figure out which of the online games would be the easiest to play and the cheapest(free) to have that we could play in a room together online.

4)And should we use a audio visual chat next yr ?(clothing is NOT optional)

Please write your answers in Comments. Even if you are only a blog reader you can comment.


chumly said...

Plus I get to be your FIRST Comment.

charles ravndal said...

Well, too bad I am not the FIRST one to! I had also my share of FIRSTs and thank you very much for the shoutout as well! I will link you later on my blog when I come back from my joyride! TC

Deborah Ng said...

Ok so I'm third. Being fourth out of sixth children, I can assure you this isn't such a bad thing. It was a First for me too, the first time I participated in any international blogging event. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it.



no milk said...

thanks for the mention! blog parties sound fun, i haven't been able to attend one because i always seem to find out only after the fact. i think that a good theme would be to come as your webcam pic :)

RheLynn said...

What a lot of firsts! Congratulations!

It was a great event - I'm sorry I didn't get more time to actually be on the forum (I was down a well cistern most of yesterday, because fun water things happened at the farm on IWBD that could not be forseen)

I'll definitely check in on the new topic as soon as we get back from our trip!

Happy blogging Lynn!

Ronald Allan said...

How bout opening a chatroom strictly for bloggers? That way even those of us from distant places can get to join in. :-)

Thanks for the mention Lynn. :-)

Johann said...

I wanted to thank you for participating in my finger art series by posting your very own green finger dedication. It had me laughing this morning when I checked my blog. You truly got the spirit of the thing. Thanks.

Geoff May said...

Hey Lynn,

Thanks again for letting me take part in the International Webloggers' Day. It was fun.

Talk to you soon,


Lynn said...

Chumly, Charles, Deb,No milk, RheLynn, Ronald Allan, Blog Dog, and Geoff.

I had a great time on InWeDay.
I am really interested in the Blogger only Chat. Al is away for a couple of days, but I will ask him if I can use the bandwidth on my web site to create a more permanent chat. I think I am able to admin one all year!

In the mean time I am on MSN messenger and my registered name to add me is

Queen said...

Hello Lyn, thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for mentioning me in ur blog. I really do appreciate it. Its my first time in taking part of International Bloggers Day and am glad am a blogger.
Take care of urself

Lynn said...

Thanks Queenzy!
It has been a great experience making new friends.

Azuka said...


My first thought when you alighted on my blog was 'this is one persistent lady -- there's no way she's going to take a no from me.'

I dragged myself to the forum, and it was swell. I believe blogging is the next direction the internet's heading. Let's hope next year the list is so long Rio has to paginate them.

Simran said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and mentioning me here too. This is my first time taking part in International Bloggers Day. Glad I could be a part of it and looking forward to next year's.

Lynn said...


We had such a great group for this year's event. I am hoping this means that all of us that took part in the forum will be able to help eachother plan an event for next year.
I appreciate YOUR support too for International Webloggers' Day. And thanks again to everyone who took part or sent well wishes.!