Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The 15th Day,

*Sticky Post*
Hey Andre,

I know you are concerned about me not replying to your emails.
I have been all along, and I assure you that your updated email is on the list for updates of this blog.
But I believe, when your company changed to the new email service addresses,
there may have been a higher level spam security put on.
Even my replies to your email are not getting through.
If this becomes something we cannot solve I can do all of the emails through my sympatico mail.

Sorry to worry you ,



So, this weekend we celebrated the the 15th day of the Chinese New Year, on the Full Moon.
The lantern weekend for sure.
This was a great weekend!

I seemed to have spent most of my weekend with Tere.
We hung out at the Mystic Tea on snowy Friday night.
We ate cheeses and sweets and sipped on really awesome herbal tea while getting to know the other folks who braved the night to hang out.
I got to know a few of the other folks, and I got to meet Tere's friend Gloria.
I took some of my stones with me.
Tere is a dowser, and she has a pension for all things stone and crystal. A wiz with the ins and outs of sparklies of terra.
I asked Tere first, then all the others at the tea who wanted to participate....to, choose some of the stones that they are attracted to, and place them in a little tool box that I had with me. Those that were pick out from the pile would be the first stones I will make jewelry from.
I dumped out my shoebox full of stones on a fresh teatowel I brought from home, then I sat back and watched everyone look at and touch the stones.

It was amazing how people pick stones. They pick them up really gently, and then they turn them and turn them. They rub them. They hold the stones to the light. They examine the colour, and then the rest of their impression comes from the cool and firm rock between their fingers. Is it cold? Is it warm? They almost sniff it as they feel its energy, its history.

No one did what I do. If part of the stone is smooth, I have to touch it to the dry edge of my lip. My bottom lip feels the energy. I do it with grass sprigs, fruit and rocks. I don't know why, so stop giving that big ole psycho-analysis eye!

So on Friday night we sat at the Tea on a cold snowy night with the braver souls, and we picked rocks and talked about how we came to be at the tea. Our journey to this point in our lives....

And as we sat there in the electric evening, Carl was sitting at base bordon under a bridge freezing his butt off! ( I think I have taken licence with this comment, as he probably didn't actually make it under the bridge and out of the howling wind until the next day. But I just wanted to fit in there that Carl was up doing his outdoor war stuff. And being enemy force)

Saturday was crazy! I went to Knit or Knot for my second Moebius class. It was cool! I almost finished a Moebius basket, and I got the yarn for my second basket which is in the class in two weeks. It was so exciting at the shop. Norma was all giggles as she was looking at her big desk blotter calendar planning the extra spring classes the shop is going to have, now she has a Vogue Pattern Designer coming on board to teach some classes. I was trying so hard to eaves drop on all the classes so I could try to plan to be at alot of them, but I was getting too involved in my knitting to get all the eaves-dropping right. None-the-less, I know I am supposed to be psyched. I am! Cuz I saw a happy and excited Norma, who is the woman Norma told me she was before her back problems. She's getting nerve blocks like I do. But she isn't getting brain freeze like me..........I think that if I was to guess how she is frozen, I would say it is ass freeze. (ya I know, with some people it still could be brain freeze....ha...ha...ha)

I can tell that the ease up on her pain level is bringing back the old Norma who she has missed dearly for four or more years! Every time someone gets pain relief from the same program I am on, I get sooo happy.

So back to the classes. They sound great! I am for sure taking one sock class and now I want to do the one that Marion is teaching. This technique knits two socks at the same time in one unit! And I think the other class is knitting socks from the toe up. Bet you never thought there was so much science and choices on how to actually make a sock...but there is!

After the knitting class I rushed home with Mc D's for myself and Cam, then I breezed back to pick up Tere again, and she and I went to the full moon meditation. Wow, lunar eclipse, full moon, the end of the 15days......lots of cool things coming together.

My meditation journey was cool. Cat sets up a great space for the meditations and she really teaches us stuff as she guides the meditation. She runs the meditations. She owns the Ancient Mystic and great cafe where we all hang out. The first time I went to the meditation I noticed a cathedral when I first started to go deeper into my meditation. A beautiful cathedral with alot of red panes in the stained glass.

This night I saw the cathedral at the beginning again. Then I saw black water reflecting the night sky. In the horizon of that sky where it touches the water I saw a pyramid. A pyramid point down with the tip just touching the water, yet creating no ripple. The water was smooth as glass and the illusion of a lower pyramid touching tip to tip with the real one was cast within the black water.

The pyramid vanished and then the water was being crested by a thin bright glow over the water, and exposing the ared terraine around the water. Black black sky with the thin beam of light on the horizon. Like we were on the moon and it had water and the sun was coming up. It was a really beautiful picture in my mind's eye.

Cat guided us to use all the energies the calandar inferrs with the allignment of so many different things with the moon to ask for something for ourselves for a change. Something that we really wanted. I asked for more energy, to be able to finish my projects and to feel like I have the energy to organize myself.

Sunday was devoted to some PSICAN work........, and when I got home........, Carl was home with wind-burn from living in less than an igloo all weekend, and we relaxed and watched TV.

I awoke on Monday morning feeling like I had more energy! Oh this is cool! I worked on the ends of the sweater and the basket and I organized a few stone items, I watered the whole indoor garden of the front window, and I listened to really spiritual music. Singing bowls, Nature songs, African Sounds,and a shake of Mike Oldfield coming out of my stereo so I could transport myself while I created.

I pondered my impressions from the weekend.....OH! I forgot something! This was a really great part of the weekend...I took free-bee Swirl-Locks for the folks who were in the class with me. Norma asked me if I brought any stock, and I had some for the shop to sell. Pretty much everyone that got a free-bee purchased a pkg of Swirl-Locks from Norma! It was really a super moment for me!
They Like It! They Like It!

So off the tangent now, and back to the smooth music. I sat and planned out my week as I worked on my projects. I feel more energetic and I feel like I am in a good energy. Whether I get more organized is left to the Gods.


RheLynn said...

It sounds like you have had a wonderful experience that has brought you to a special place to create and sing and be happy while you work. I hope the 'beautiful feeling' (as I call it) continues to sing in you :o) with energy and clear thought!

This morning I got up before sunrise and watched the nearly full moon travel across our window with the orchids in it -- it gave me the same kind of feeling -- wanted to get up and work more on my dream bag weaving.

chase said...

Wow you really had a nice time. It is nice to always experience the pleasures of life. I am envious since I am pretty dull these days

TorAa said...

A weekend full of variations and energy and fun, it sounds for me. here we had rain and rain and rain. With other words: A time to stay indoor. We started the indoor season, with the help of the cats. They are convinced it's for them (of course).By the way, wonder what they would have done with all the stones?

RennyBA said...

What a lovely, very readable post - thanks so much for sharing in all its details!
I can tell your sock knitting instruction is real rocky science:-)
Wishing you a lovely end to your week!
Hope you'll have time to climb the Norwegian mountains with me:-)

Mother of Invention said...

You seem to be in a great spae right now! And just in time for spring to satrt happening..if only all this snow would melt!!