Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2007 Blog-Off For Breast Cancer-Round One-Laughter

I have incorporated the theme of "Laughter" within the story which explains the rite of the Vernal Equinox: The Legend of Ostara

To spark laughter from you all, I decided to tell the story using a picto/video kind of pantemime to make you laugh and entertain you while I tell my story.
I would like to thank my Husband Carl and my Son Cameron for posing for photos yesterday, and taking on their roles in the story.
As a disclamer I will say that the Princess is also a Goddess. The story will suggest incest, but please remember it is ok for a God or Goddess to marry their child if it is spawn from their union with a mere mortal.
Hey I don't make the rules: The Ancients decided them!


Pisces-Played by the Goldfish Team
Aries The Ram-Played by Cameron
The Princess/Goddess-Played by Me, Lynn
The Goddess's Son-Played by Carl
The Fine Bird- On loan from http://www.phototakeout.com/
The March Hare- Played by Our Backyard Bunny Twins

The Legend of Ostara

When the Sun begins to cast long shadows and snow is melting away we watch the sky and await a special day.

On the single day inwhich the Day and Night are equal in length, the festival of The Vernal Equinox: The Legend of Ostara, begins. For all Winter the energies of the Oak and Holly have been dorment. Winter is the time of the deep sleep. Hibernation of all will end with the awakening.

The Earthen creatures know the time. Pisces, the two fishes hangs onto the new moon, and bows down as it ends it rule. The end of the Zodiac is completed and it is time for us to greet
Aries the Ram.
The true beginning of the Zodiac, and the Equinox rides upon the Great Ram's back.

As the Equinox rides Aries, the power of the Oak and Holly strengthens.
And upon the equal Day and Night
The battle of Oak and Holly begins.
Throughout the Winter, Holly reined in its stillness when the Oak King lost his power in the battle with the Croan.
In Spring, the Oak battles the Holly after the long sleep
and takes back its rein.

When the Oak stands rule it summons the Earth to release the Princess from her
deep slumber.
Eventhough she was a mere Maiden at the Winter battle, she has grown in her sleep
to become a wondrous Princess
The Oak whispers into the Princess's ear to tell her-our great Goddess, to rise up
and Marry her child the Prince
The child of the Maiden and the Oak King

The Prince has awakened too.
He searches for the Princess for she is lost to him.

The Princess needs help to find her Prince
If she does not Marry the Prince on this day, Spring will be lost
and the Earth will crumble in one cycle of the Calendar.

Overhead the Princess spies a Fine Bird in the sky
She calls out to the Bird,
"Oh Fine Bird, will you aid me to find my Prince?
I must find him in haste for all life depends on it!"
The Fine Bird swooped down to the Princess and said,
"Oh Princess of Earth I will take you to your Prince.
Hop upon my back and I will fly you there in haste."

The Princess climbed upon the back of the Fine Bird
and flew like the wind over land and sea to find her Prince.

The Fine Bird was a strong and goodly bird, and tookto its task without a complaint. (eventhough that Princess was a bit
of a Heffer. She must of had a sleep eating disorder)

The Princess was round and ripe to be mated by her Prince.
(Like I said incest between a Goddess and her human Son is A-OK)

The Princess/Goddess was so happy when she spied her Prince in the distance.
The Fine Bird brought her safely to
Her Prince.
He was happy,
And so was She.
But the Fine Bird was not.
For the Fine Bird had froze its wings on its speedy flight,
and its wings fell off.
(the bird thought to itself: "Is this the thanks I get for draggin that Heffer across land and sea for the sake of the world? Wings falling off? How am I supposed to impress a mate
for me in this mess?)
The Fine Bird was a fine sorry sight.

The Princess/Goddess looked upon the Fine Bird and said,
"Oh Fine Bird I am so sorry your wings fell off.
I pitty you."
She took her staff from beneath her cloak and gently touched the Find Bird
on the head with her staff.

And with her great Magic she gained upon this day of equal Day and Night
and the energy from the battle of Oak and Holly she transformed the Fine Bird into

a Long-Eared Hare. But not just any Hare.(time to watch a video) A special Hare.
For that Hare, The March Hare was once a bird.
So to the envy of all creatures the March Hare could lay eggs!

And with the Magic of the Equinox

from the Battle of the the Oak and Holly on the day of equal Day and Night
The Princess/Goddess and
Her Prince joined in a Marriage of Spring.
So when the indoor garden grows
and buds begin to show,
and the earth gives up and allows life to poke out

And the days are bright and the snow is melting.....

We see the fruition of the coupling of the Goddess and the Prince.

When the Egg-laying Rabbit roams the land.....
We know that Spring has been successful, and we can count on a future after the completed year.

(And we now know how the Hare and the Eggs got their significance.)

The Goddess and
The Prince will see to it the crops will rise and be ready for the Harvest, in time to greet the Croan.
Welcome Spring !

Enjoy the fruits of the Harvest and delight in the seeds and roots of the ground.
Eat, Drink and be Merry!
Party on

(and go at it like bunnies)

Thanks to http://www.phototakeout.com/ for the use of the bird photo.



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Evey said...

Happy blogging:)

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Popping in to read your blog. Wow! Did Carl get all the way up there for our blog-off?! Very sweet. Good luck in the competition!

TaraMetBlog said...

wow very creative!

Evey said...

Creative indeed. Love the bunny video. he was so cute hopping around, checking things out.

Good luck in the blog off. :)

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chase said...

Hahahah it is quite fun to read and very creative of you Lynn!!!

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Whoa!!! That was a lot of work!! LOL

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Very cool idea and well done!

Hey, first 3 letters of word verif. were lyn!

courtney said...

Wow, you weren't kidding when you told me there a lot of pictures!

Nice work getting them all up, though!

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Wow, how did you get your hubby to help you out like that? I have to learn the power of suggestion, too! Good luck in the blog-off.

RheLynn said...

Interesting story! I was just looking up Eris and Aries the other day. I do like your bunny twins :o) and the Fine Bird losing its wings to be the Easter bunny I haven't heard before!

TorAa said...

Wonderful tribute

durante vita said...

How did he get on the roof?

I like it. Very imaginative.

Enjoy the blog-off!

chumly said...

The king of Christmas lights also sets off Spring by the taking of them down.

Lynn said...

Thanks Evey.
g Well Carl did not get up there just for me. He was up hunting Holiday lights and he hammed it up for me for the post.
Thanks Tara.
Heheheh I don't know if I left a comment the first time. I looked at your post a zillion times Evey.
Thanks Charles. It isn't quite as creative as your stuff, but I tried.
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See I told ya Courtney! Thanks
H my Husband and Son are awesome people! They don't make a fuss about bein in the blog or helping me with stuff. I am super duper blessed.
Hey RheLynn. I did my best to tell the story with my own swing. The legend of the bird is TRUE!
Thanks TorAa
You got that right Chumly. Great to hear from you! Miss you.