Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The New Moon Was For Kith and Kin
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As the Spring Equinox approaches I am reminded to heed the true meaning of the New Moon we have just passed.

Just before the New Moon on Sunday I was compelled to reflect on the casting out of events.

It is important to take the knowing of events serious, yet the casting out must be done once the cycle precipice has passed.

As Heaven and Earth do move in mysterious ways it is my fashion as the pagan I am to give all its due when it manifests itself.

On Monday I learned of two deaths. In my heart, both are Family.
So how do I cast out such events? Casting out sounds so harsh. But to Witches it is not.
Witches dwell only on the positive. We make our whole lives about turning to the positive. Even casting out has a positive swing and not a negative. To us casting out is not banishing or ostricising, but bidding safe passage and wonderous journeys no matter what the event is.
In casting out with death it is a willful honour to the dead, a recognition for the whole life of the individual, and a bidding a safe passage and a wonderous journey to join the God of their understanding. A casting out of loss and sorrow for the families left behind, and an honour for the teachings each person has taught me; my blessing to be able to know them.

I cast ye out my Kith and Kin
I bid you good journeys to Heaven
As I look to the Sun and the Moon in my following days I will revel in all you have taught me
Day and Night in equal now to give you balance
As you travel upon the stars to your final place
Do you sit at the Right Hand of The Father?
Will you return to teach us again?
Will you become and Angel to sit upon my shoulder? Or rebirth as Child with an Old Soul?

The Mysteries of Heaven and Earth are served up in your memory.
I honour you
For I would be less for never knowing you
I am filled up because I know you and remember you

Time stands still now.
We cast you out, and await our meeting again!

Revel Now!
I raise up to the sky
I bow down to the Earth
I cast ye out to the Father and the Mother

The Pipes will play for you
A solitary song drones to awaken the sky

Forever More
So Mote it Be

AS I Honour the Life and Death of Jimmy McCormack

The Father of my best childhood friend,

We are blessed for knowing you

I cast you out and bid you good journey

I cast you out and thank you for being lucid and able to enjoy your family in your last hours.

I thank you for saying goodbye in the fashion God was able to give you.


To Honour My Aunt Freda

I hope you did not suffer in this untimely death.

I cast you out, to find peace with your husband.

I cast you out and ask great blessings for your Children, and those who tried to save you.

You knocked upon my door and I heard you

We have the news from across the Ocean, and we will support your family

I cast you out to release pain of the heart for those who have loss, and I stand before God and ask with all my Soul's energy, that the family will have closure and find balance once again.


TorAa said...

Can you pls excuse me but say this: It was simply to strong for me. Wipe.

Lynn said...

I did think long and hard about the content. It is sad, but in the same sense this is my diary of our place and world with our family, so I felt it was important for the archive of it. I do understand

RheLynn said...

sad :o( nice poetry as well.